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Obamacare Individual Mandate is DEAD!

Obamacare -Year of the SnakeDemocrats: live by the tax!  Republicans (today): OK, die by your tax, too

And no, may it never live again.  As I said at the time of enactment of Obamacare (without a single Republican vote), the Founders would be spinning like mad to hearing that the Federal Government, supposedly limited in scope and power, would require citizens to purchase something that they otherwise not.  Not a whit, whisper, or wisp of such a power was enumerated in the Constitution.  Then Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Roberts said that the Constitution allowed Congress to levy taxes – even a tax on “doing nothing” (e.g., refusing to participate in an commercial activity demand would result in a tax).

Who knew that he knew better than many at the time – that he set a trap that could be tripped if only the right people knew how (and had the gumption to do so)?

Killing off the Individual Mandate will now allow millions of people to NOT pay for Obama mandated healthcare plans that are completely unaffordable.  Imagine the average person (who makes $32K/year) faced with an individual plan costing $28K in premiums and $12-16K in deductibles BEFORE they can use it.  And if they didn’t purchase it, they get hit with a 2.5% fine tax for NOT buying that healthcare insurance they can’t afford.

Both the Democrats and the MSM have pushed the lie that “MILLIONS WILL LOSE HEALTHCARE COVERAGE!!!”. No, they won’t “lose” it, they will now have the freedom to choose and that freedom also means the ability to chose to do nothing.  They will chose to go bare – that is their right, right?  Otherwise, think of this – why haven’t Democrats put into legislation that those that are pregnant MUST pay a tax for choosing to do nothing in NOT getting an abortion?  Or that a new car buyer get taxed for choosing to NOT buy an electric car?

It boggles the mind how this game can be played – but they played it to push America into being a more Socialist society, a more State driven / Government Dependency, Bigger Government demand – all the while still holding that in the case of abortion, nothing should ever get in between a woman and her doctor (never saying that they force the rest of us to participate via our tax dollars (remember, money is fungible)).

And now, the Democrats have lost that leverage to FORCE us to do anything.  This will be the tugged on piece of yarn that will undo the entire misshapen, ugly ball that is Obamacare.  Yes, people won’t have insurance foisted upon them – they will be FREE!  Yes, it will cause the ill-named “marketplace” (as artificial an artifact that ever was – Government completely controlling a complete segment of the economy and lying to call it a “marketplace” as if it were just another consumer created one) to implode as it will further tilt participants to be older and sicker.  Yes, it will ultimately fail (as long as the Republican dufuses in DC decide to not backdoor the illegal payments to the rent-seeking, crony capitalistic insurance companies called CSR payments that hide the fact that Socialism fails every time it has been tried); it would have failed anyways but this will just make it fail faster.

Hopefully, the greedy ones who want others to support them will be drowned out by those that just want to take care of family and friends and not everyone else in the world on top of their primary responsibilities.  Yes, we are a wealthy nation – but our wealth is not a dumpster full of Democrats to take and use for their own ideological purposes.

Yes, Republicans are devolving a smidgeon of the power that rightly belongs to We the People from the REAL greedy ones – Progressive politicians that believe it is their destiny to demand and control how we should live our lives instead of us ourselves.  They are no better than the tinpot despots found in South America, Asia, in the UN – or Putin himself and that includes our Democrat den of Progressives of Maggie “The Red” Hassan, Annie “I’m the most Progressive candidate in the race” Kuster, Carol “Sit down, you’re out of time” SEIU-Porter, and Jeanne “I killed the Healthcare market in NH so why not do it nationally?” Shaheen.  A pox on all your houses for taking away our freedom, keeping it from us, and then fighting to the death still to keep it from us.  Tar, feathers, the stocks, rotten vegetables.

More opprobrium on their heads for this than what has been poured onto Harvey Weinstein.

The Obamacare Individual Mandate is dead.  Long live Freedom.

The Bigger the Citizen, the smaller the government.  One step at a time may that sentence become reality.