NH LSRs rated by sponsor ratings – Part 2 - Granite Grok

NH LSRs rated by sponsor ratings – Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1, here is the next tranche of LSRs/House bills submitted into the House of Representative:

Reminder: this list is for purposes of triage – quickly guesstimating which bills are bad or good based on whether their sponsors have good or bad voting records. There are times when bad Reps sponsor good bills and vice versa. But if I were looking for bad bills, I would start by looking at bills from bad Reps, then look at the bill text to make a more definitive evaluation.

So, we did the 0-5% sponsor rating LSRs/HBs last time – now for the 6-10% range.  Again, I am bolding ones that I’ll try to look at:

 More after the jump:

Once again, Grok commenters and readers, pick off one or two and write them up and I’ll post them up on the front page.  If you want, I’ll give you named credit or post it up anonymously.