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NH LSRs rated by sponsor ratings – Part 1

statehousehouseFrom a good friend of the ‘Grok comes an interesting list. He took the time to take all of the LSRs (Legislative Service Requests – future bills that are put into the legislative hopper that will be textually fleshed out later with the specifics) that have been turned in, examined who the legislators were that are sponsoring those LSRs, and then ranked those LSRs by the sponsors’ HRA ratings (e.g., how closely do the sponsors vote in accordance to the Republican Platform). As you know, there is a not small number of RINOs that we have blogged about that vote more in line with the Democrats than with Republicans. From our friend, once he had heard that I was looking for anti-Liberty / anti-Individual Freedom bill that increase the power of The State and diminishes ours as individuals.

Reminder: this list is for purposes of triage – quickly guesstimating which bills are bad or good based on whether their sponsors have good or bad voting records. There are times when bad Reps sponsor good bills and vice versa. But if I were looking for bad bills, I would start by looking at bills from bad Reps, then look at the bill text to make a more definitive evaluation.

So, let’s start the list starting with the worst ones; he has updated his list if the LSR has been turned into an actual bill:

Yeah, who do they think they are – Entertainers that need to self-congratulate and backslapped? More and I’ve bolded a few that I may well look into later:

NO!  Pay for your OWN damned charging station – you want to “virtue signal”, then pay the cost to do so.  There is NO good reason for taxpayers to pay for another special perk for legislators – you ain’t all that special.

This next one I was just WAITING to see pop-up: BERNIECARE!  What makes this nitwit believe that NH can afford this if Vermont can’t?  Or Tennessee? Or Hawaii?  Or even California?

But hey, they believe all our money is theirs to spend, those greedy politicians! And after all, if one state can’t do it, let’s bankrupt a whole region!

  • 3% lsr 2416 establishing a New Hampshire health access corporation.

That’s Part 1 – much MUCH more to follow!  Have I already bit off more than I can chew on this stuff to look into?

Hey, Grok commenters and readers – pick off a few and write some of them up and I’ll post them up on the front page.  If you want, I’ll give you named credit or post it up anonymously.