Yeah, and Zandra Rice-Hawkins was a sterling example of why we don’t “join their conversation” on guns

by Skip

President Obama said he wanted to do what he could to save even one child during the gun control debate. He has a change of heart when it comes to abortion.

President Obama said he wanted to do what he could to save even one child during the gun control debate. He has a change of heart when it comes to abortion.

I’m going to watch it again, but it was class Rice-Crispies operandi – dripping with condescension and her favorite tactic of hijacking the conversation while someone else is talking (in this case, Susan Olsen representing the Women’s Defense League).  I have to give Susan kudos for the attempt, but it was clear that Zandra Rice-Hawkins was as haughty as ever (as she treats me every time we meet up).  We’ve blogged about this outlook of Progressives before – that we believe they are misguided, but they believe we are EVIL.  That came out quite clear yesterday (and she is a pro-abortion extremist as well, so the image above fits).

Thus this post from The Federalist caught my eye and well sums up why there is no common ground.

Yeah, the EVIL part doesn’t help much (the way Zandra blew off Susan’s offer to host her and her “allies” at a gun class was a classic example) but this puts a bit of a structure on top of it (emphasis mine, reformated, and do go to the link for more of the narrative):

6 Reasons Your Right-Wing Friend Isn’t Coming To Your Side On Gun Control

I’ve seen my friends and colleagues on the Left side of the gun control debate dumbfounded at why Second Amendment advocates don’t seem to budge on their views after mass shootings. So I thought I would try my hand at explaining this phenomenon in the hopes that maybe more will be inclined to have a better conversation about guns and the Second Amendment in America. There are several reasons 2A advocates aren’t running to your side of the argument, and it might not be the ones you think…

1. We Rarely Get to Come to the Conversation in Good Faith
The most destructive, divisive response when dealing with Second Amendment advocates is the notion that we aren’t on your side of the issue because we “don’t care” about the tragedy and loss of life…

This is the way that they confirm to themselves of their “moral” superiority and consolidates their pre-conceived notion that we are just sub-humans without feelings – even as they seem to ONLY run on emotions.

2. The ‘Blood on Their Hands’ Attacks Are Offensive

The constant screaming about the National Rifle Association’s influence means nothing to many of today’s gun owners, but the “blood on their hands” attacks do…

Collective guilt is the message.  Make no mistake that this White Guilt / Privilege group (and they are one in the same) truly believe that if one gun owner does something horrible (like the Las Vegas shooter), the rest of us are implicitly complicit in that actual event, and even if we aren’t, you “could” be and therefore are already guilty.  The message is you are already condemned.

This advice is for the weak-kneed and easily swayed gun owner – don’t fall for it for you will ALWAYS be condemned as the Left never gives absolution to your sin of being on the wrong side of their narrative.  Don’t waste your time or your self-esteem.

3. The Loudest Voices Are Often the Most Ignorant

Whether it is an explosive news story or a late-night show host, journalists and celebrities are pretty ignorant about guns. I can see why the Left constantly feels right-wingers are deflecting the gun debate because we get pedantic at details, constantly correcting things like the inappropriate labeling of “assault rifles.” While this is an extremely emotional issue after a tragedy, it’s also a policy debate.

Another example other than the made up “assault weapons”; think of Hillary’s tweet on if the Las Vegas murderer had used a “silencer” that would have “made” it harder to find him.  The only information about suppressors she has is from the 007 movies where there is only a “Pfft” sound.  I have one – it doesn’t work that way.  You can’t have a discussion with people who 1) only emote and 2) don’t know the vocabulary of the issue.

4. The Most Prominent Policy Ideas Have Nothing to Do With the Tragedy

There’s an excellent column by Leah Libresco in the Washington Post explaining how certain policy initiatives haven’t actually been shown to prevent mass shootings. It’s a great primer on the nitty gritty data that Second Amendment advocates see supporting their side of the argument. I understand it can be frustrating that 2A advocates don’t seem to want to “do something” after a tragedy. But when we go down the laundry list of policy proposals after a tragedy it’s hard to consider them effective at preventing another tragedy when they wouldn’t have prevented the one that inspired them.

The simple question to ask is what laws were broken during this event and what proposed laws would have stopped it.  Frankly, the answer is none until the trigger is pulled – then all kinds of laws are getting rent to smithereens.

5. We Seriously Don’t Care About Gun Laws in Other Countries

We really, really don’t. That, of course, is because of the Second Amendment. The countries often brought up in the gun control debate not only have less than conclusive results (see the above link) but they don’t recognize personal possession of a firearm as a constitutional right. That is the bottom line. While their gun confiscation laws and the outcomes might be interesting, they are not applicable here.

Is anyone else here absolutely tired of the US being compared to other countries in this regard, and healthcare, and a whole string of other areas in which the Progressives run the US down and lift the other countries up?  Just to add more gas to the “USA Guilt” trip bonfire (their tiny contribution to the Obama Apology Tour)?  If you are so danged happy with those policies, stop trying to turn our country into another one and just move! If you are no longer proud of the USA (which Michelle must not be anymore simply because her Hubby is no longer Prez), don’t stop yourself – go and make yourself proud in Zimbabwe or Burma or some tropical isle.  Doing so will give us some relief from your misguidedness and let us be happy as well.

Oh, and why won’t you discuss their immigration laws in this mix, eh?

6. We Really Do Consider Owning Firearms a Right

I view the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence as declaring the intrinsic and inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And I believe the framers knew that liberty is only achieved when the citizenry is known to keep tyrannical government, and those who would do me harm, at bay.

And this is why most of our conversation is about how to diagram a sentence correctly and ends with “what about ‘shall not be infringed“.  But Progressives don’t care for the original text of the Constitution (frankly, they only care about if it will advance their agenda or talking points and then promptly trash it as soon as it doesn’t”.  But for Conservatives, that’s where the conversation ends, and if you genuinely believe that the Constitution is our foundational law, that should be the end of the discussion as well. It is unalterable unless you actually do the hard work of actually amending the Constitution which Progressives (at least right now) would never do.

They know that they can’t win that conversation so instead they crybully to sympathetic judges and the MSM and try to pass laws that nibble around the edges in a “death by a thousand cuts” activity to try to put our Rights into a box canyon (and then lay in a concrete roof and seal the open end).  With them, there cannot be a debate because they truly believe that citizens should not be armed at all and if so, only with single shot .22’s.  They believe that ONLY Government should have the means of FORCE, for they have no distinction of citizen versus subject except that they are the only ones to make the rules.

In which they perfectly provide the example of a Tyrannical Government in the making.

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