Why can’t Progressives / SJWs be truthful? “…who is in charge of your kids?”

by Skip

We don’t need you. We have your children – Herrman Goebbels

That second question in the title is from a post I did back in 2009 – and the question has only become more and more important over the last eight years so I suggest that you read it because here is another example of what Progressives in education believe about “truth”:

Two Canadian professors have developed an approach they call “Trojan horse pedagogy” to peddle social justice to otherwise unassuming students. Sal Renshaw and Renee Valiquette, both of whom teach at Nipissing University in Ontario, detailed their extensive “ruse” in a recently published book, boasting that their “Introduction to Interdisciplinary Analysis” class is actually a “social justice” course in disguise… “Our goal in this class is to move both hearts and minds, in part by ‘forcing’ an encounter with at least some knowledges that students have already decided they are not interested in,” Renshaw and Valiquette explain, adding that the classes are “rooted in… post-structural feminist theory.”

According to Renshaw and Valiquette, being dishonest about course content, and about the subsequent likelihood of getting a job, is “a pathway to social justice education” and therefore, they insist, “the ruse is justified.” The lecturers in question admit that for many students “social justice” claptrap has a poor reputation and is actively avoided, which prompts the professors to sidestep that reputational challenge by simply lying to students about what it is they’re paying for. The two words you’re looking for are fire and immediately.

Moral of this Progressive story?  It is not just OK but DEMANDED that they lie about what they do to get what they want.  They don’t care about their students – they only care about their ideology and inculcating it into the unaware.  Who, I point out, will end up turning against their parents’ traditional values – and they are perfectly fine with it.

And Progressives wonder why we Normals are not just pushing back but SHOVING back at the constant lecturing as if we were hapless children?

(H/T: Instapundit)

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