New Hampshire Has the Highest Median Income in the US

by Steve MacDonald

New Hampshire Map - Cropped

For a state with no minimum wage the people who live here are doing rather well.

The mean average hourly wage for the entire state rose from $22.62/hour in 2014 to $24.03/hour in the 2016 report (+6.2%). The mean entry level wage in New Hampshire is $10.66/hour, $3.41 above the federal minimum wage. The median wage is up to $18.39/hour. And if you have “experience,” your average wage is $31.71/hour.

New Hampshire has the lowest poverty rate in the nation and in 2016 they had (not for the first time) the highest median income in the country.

(WashPo)  The Granite State’s median household income last year was a whopping $76,260, nearly 30 percent higher than the national median of $59,039, according to the Census.

The typical New Hampshire household earned $35,000 a year more than the typical household in the country’s poorest state, Mississippi, where the median income is $41,099.

Low poverty, low crime, high median income, and high average wages, all without any state minimum wage whatsoever.


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