The 3 States with the Lowest Violent Crime Rates in the US all Have Constitutional Carry

by Steve MacDonald

NE Con Carry ZoneThe Three states with the lowest violent crime rate in the United States are Vermont (1), Maine (2), and New Hampshire (3). They have something else in common. They all have constitutional carry.

If you’re waiting for the anti-gun-cult left’s “blood in the streets” narrative to come true, you’ll be waiting a long time.

They just made that up to scare you. You’re a lot safer with Constitutional Carry than without it.



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  • kervick

    They are also heavily white states. Most violent crime in the United States is committed by black males with sub 90 IQ’s under the age of 39. Latin immigrants are next on the crime list and in the case of Alaska, the most dangerous state, the incidence is due to uncivilized Native Alaskan villagers that thrive in the absence of any law enforcement. So, crime is largely a minority problem and seems unrelated to poverty or the presence of guns. If these minority populations declined, the crime rate would go with them.

    • roger

      How do you have that much racism flowing through your veins before you have had your morning coffee?

      • Nicolas Denaples-Hiler

        No one likes the facts but… they are the facts. Here one for you. 12% of the population commits 50% of the murders. How am I talking about?

        • roger

          Cite your source.

          Is that 12% all minority?

  • roger

    Constitutional Carry has been in place for about 2 months you can’t get reliable data to cover that period. FAKE NEWS! #Userealdata

    • Nicolas Denaples-Hiler

      Your an idiot do some fact checks before you spew your idiocy! Humm how long has Vt had it………

      • roger

        My fact checking consisted of reading the headline and article and the headline includes NH.

        In fact if you look at FBI data, Violent crime has increased from 2014-2015 this is the most recent data available.

  • kervick

    Roger could use a little red pill. This well-sourced 60 minute video shows the connection between race, IQ, and crime in the United States. If the country were transformed tomorrow to a majority East Asian population, the crime rate would drop to almost nothing. The difference is general intelligence (G) and the ability to delay gratification that is connected to IQ. Folks with lower IQ have poorer impulse control and less ability to delay gratification. Socioeconomic status is also a function of IQ. People of different races with similar IQ’s achieve at about the same rate. In addition to lower average IQ’s blacks have more testosterone than whites and Asians, which is another correlate with violence. Blacks are also much more likely to employ harsh corporal punishment on their children, as are Native Alaskans whose villages are rife with domestic violence. Harsh corporal punishment is positively correlated with adolescent and young adult crime.

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