Susan Olsen – On Being Assaulted by Dem. Rep. Katherine Rogers

by Steve MacDonald

GrokTALK! - Conservative Talk RadioLast night Susan Olsen took some time to talk about the circumstances surrounding her assault and the pending arraignment of the perp, New Hampshire Democrat House Rep. Katherine Rogers. We discuss the State Senate recount and the interaction between the accused and the accosted. Why the report was filed after the House Session, and more.

*Pardon the background noise. I’m experimenting with a new set up in a new space and need to make changes to address how the mic picks up every mouse click and keyboard tap.

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  • I predict that Ms Olsen is going to end up looking very foolish indeed.

    Rep. Rogers is one of the most respected members of the NH House, on both sides of the aisle. Aside from her brain. which is very powerful indeed, and maybe her hair (which is always dyed some outrageous color), she is just about the unscariest person imaginable.

    • granitegrok

      Just as you are viewed as the most erudite one.

    • Navy Nuke

      Most respected? Don’t assume just because people aren’t speaking negatively within your bubble, that respect is present…

  • Michael

    The message of liberty, peace, freedom and prosperity sells itself. And Ms. Olsen, a prominent member in the pro-liberty community, is one of the messengers. The anti-freedom side, such as Rep. Rogers, knows this all too well, and have to resort to violence and intimidation.

  • roger

    The horror! The amount of the “Republicans are a victim at the hand of Democrats” stories you put up it’s sickening.

    • Where do I send the refund?

    • Ed Naile

      Stick to CNN.
      Better to live in denial then hear a different side.

    • Larry Cleveland

      It was all witnessed. Liberals are always teetering on the edge of violence. If you were watching something other
      than CNN, you would see what they are doing RIGHT NOW in this country. Keep your head in the sand, it seems to be working for you.

      • roger

        really who showed up first to VA armed? (it wasn’t the left)

        • Larry Cleveland

          Again, get your head out of CNN’s a$$.

  • Steve MacDonald,

    Any moderator/interviewer worth their salt does not take sides, especially during the interview. You weren’t there, so your knowledge of what did/didn’t go down here is about nil. Serving as Susan Olsen’s cheerleader, as you’ve repeatedly done throughout this interview ~ augmented by an occasional snicker ~ dilutes the integrity of this piece to less than that of a shallow mud puddle.

    • Larry Cleveland

      Witnesses NH LIneman, witnesses. Independent witnesses. It will all come out. Then what? The usual “you are a racist”, or “alt-right” comment when proven wrong?

      • You’ve conveniently missed the point, LC. It’s not about the eventual dispersion of the issue, it’s about the HERE and NOW.

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