NH Democratic State Rep. From Concord Charged With Assault

by Steve MacDonald


Image: Concord Patch

From Patch.com

CONCORD, NH — A local state representative has been charged with assault in Concord District Court and is scheduled to be arraigned in late September, according to court documents. The charge was filed against Katherine Rogers, 61, pictured left, of Alton Woods Drive in Concord, on Aug. 7, 2017, by the New Hampshire State Police. According to a complaint, on Nov. 16, 2016, during the recount for the District 7 state Senate seat held at the state archives building, Rogers allegedly struck Susan Olsen, a 2nd Amendment activist and former state Rep. candidate from Warner, “with a semi-closed right hand squarely on (her) left ear.”

I am interviewing Susan this evening. Watch for that tomorrow morning.

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  • granitegrok

    Rogers – is she “making her bones” to be admitted to the local AntiFa thug crew?

  • deejayaz

    Give her the maximum. More thuggery from the #DNC .

  • mrwonderful

    OK I get it. You Granite-heads can make fun of Rep Rogers but I can’t make fun of either her or Suze . . . you fascists sure do stick together . . .

  • allen

    good for susan for keeping her cool. I certainly hope there were plenty of witnesses. then hang this albatross around buckles the clown’s neck.

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