NH Voter List – Are they that stupid or trying to be self-delusional?

by Skip

Paperless OCRAfter almost 20 years of specializing in document management system, my first thought was “OCR, baby, OCR!”

OK, I think most readers here in NH know about the lawsuit concerning the NH voter list brought by the NH ACLU and NH State Rep Neal Kurk over sending that file to the Trump Administration’s election integrity commission.  Well, I guess there was a settlement in this kerfuffle:

NASHUA — The Secretary of State will proceed with the release of information from voter checklists to a presidential commission on election fraud, now that a lawsuit filed by two New Hampshire lawmakers and the ACLU to stop the release has been resolved.

…The state maintains that Gardner is releasing information from the paper checklists kept by cities and towns, not the statewide electronic voter database launched in 2002 in compliance with the federal Help America Vote Act

One of the big “deals” is that Kurk and others didn’t want the information released in an “electronic database” format that was searchable.  Thus they thought “Hey, PAPER!  Can’t search that, can they?”.  Silly people!  This is a case of people being stupid about technology or willfully wanting to be blinkered.

OCR – Optical Character Recognition.  Heck, even most cheapo MFD (Multi-Function Devices) printer/scanners that you would buy for the family have OCR capability.  Sure, they may be limited to scanning in one page or a few pages at a time, but the tech for a $90 printer (low end) does a decent job.  Now step it up to a commercial heavy-duty cycle single function scanners that can whip through a box of paper in a flash with the result being digitally searchable documents or formats for upload into a database.  There’s the search capability that this “resolution” says it avoids.  Pfft!

So this “solution” is nothing but a smokescreen / Kabuki theater for the rubes.

Oh, by the way, if anyone is looking for such a document management specialist, I’m available after October 12 when my job is eliminated

(H/T: Union Leader)

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  • Ed Naile

    This can be a good thing in the end.
    The states that took Federal money to create the statewide database under HAVA now want to ignore who paid for them and the obligation they have under law to keep them updated.
    In NH’s case progressives are desperately hiding the fact that between 5-8,000 non-citizens are voting our NH run elections for Federal offices.
    The Trump Commission has no real power other than issuing a report on what they find. I am betting it will have proposed solutions I would offer if I was on the commission.
    The refusal to surrender usable public documents to Trump’s commission by NH and other states should be part of the clean-up efforts by Congress after the exposure of our national voter fraud shame has caught on with the public.
    Progressives peeved that the hanging chads didn’t sneak Gore into office were happy with HAVA in 2002 when that law was passed.
    US citizens should be equally demanding that we have new legislation ensuring clean elections for 2020.
    Maybe McCain, Graham, Flake, et al, can find a way to vote for that. Or else we see their true leanings on an issue real Americans support by 70% of more.
    This is the civil rights fight of our time, like it or not.

  • Radical Moderate

    Great article Skip.
    The issue I have with the situation is that if this was the DOJ coming in to NH and requesting the same information because they were “exploring” the possibility the minorities were being disenfranchised from voting there wouldn’t be any hesitation in providing a searchable database.
    Why the need for a “smokescreen” or a “Kabuki Theater” when an established precedent has already been set in New Hampshire?

  • Radical Moderate
  • Radical Moderate

    One other point I failed to mention..
    I believe the powers that be in New Hampshire KNOW there isn’t a difference between what the DOJ had access to which is why I maintain that the New Hampshire officials elected or appointed that are stymieing this request need to be made an example of by the current administration.
    It would benefit the entire country in the long run by holding out a state as an example.

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