NH Poll: Kasich leads Trump among likely GOP primary voters? I don’t Think So…

by Steve MacDonald

kasichtownhallSo there’s a poll out putting John “everyman™” Kasich ahead of President Trump among “likely” Republican primary voters…

Ohio Gov. John Kasich leads President Trump in a hypothetical New Hampshire Republican presidential primary matchup, according to a new poll.

An American Research Group poll found that if the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary were held today, Kasich would get 52 percent support, compared to Trump, who would receive just 40 percent.

Another 8 percent were undecided.

…which translates to, likely to not be on Vacation in the first week of August, willing to pick up the phone for a number they don’t recognize and then complete a political poll.

Translation of the translation: This is narrative-mill rubbish.

If the primary were held today Trump voters would turn out en masse to support him like they did in 2016. Kasich would get crushed.

2016 NH Primary
Trump   100,406   35%
Kasich   44,909     16%

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  • Radical Moderate

    The Mail Man’s Son is a Cuck. President Trump will be president for 8 years. the Left had their Boy King for 8 years and we will have ours for 8 years. Anything else is not acceptable and will shatter the American’s compact with each other. I shudder to think what will happen if the ties that bind become undone.

    • The dems are a hot mess. Their latest overture will fall flat on its face because their base is certifiably insane. Anyone who tries to run will have all that baggage and more.

      As for Republican challengers, I wouldn’t be surprised. The RINO’s are as daft as the Democrats. But if the economy doesn’t collapse I don’t think Trump has anything to worry about.

      • Radical Moderate

        From your mouth to the Almighty’s ears.

  • Ed Naile

    Kasich – Building Momentum By Losing
    A new bumper sticker

  • Moe Ferrel

    Not one person I know supports Kasich. Who did they interview? Democrats?

    • They interviewed the Sununu family – Kasich’s 2016 support base

      • Moe Ferrel

        That makes sense. Kasich won 15% of the the NH primary vote, roughly the size of the Sununu family..

  • Bryan W

    Seriously – has ARG gotten anything right in the last 10 years or so (or ever), unless it was plainly obvious?

  • Ahh St John Kasich. irritation level even more legendary than Microsoft’s Clippit the insoucient paperclip. His only real support base in NH was Family Sununu, and their hangers-on.
    This is the guy who offered to buy bibles for neanderthals who did not appreciate the Christian charity inherent in medicaid expansion:

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