Narrative: ALL of the Sunday programs lied about the “counter-protesters”

by Skip


“Mr. President, do you want the support of these white nationalists groups that say that they support you? Mr. President? Have you denounced strongly enough?”

– Female report at Presser, Meet the Press 0:07

Industrial workers of the world flagIt takes at least two sides to create a conflict. Not one, two.  Watching the Sunday shows you might believe that only one side was in Charlotteville, VA this past weekend.  The reporting concentrated on the KKK as a whole and neo-Nazis from whatever groups they happened to belong.  Just one side.

On This Week with Georgie George Stephanopoulos, there was not one mention of AntiFA or as you can see with the flags the Industrial Workers of the World group; one of a number of Socialist groups from the Left that ALWAYS seem to have a presence when violence is around.  Yet, he and his reporters and panel member just called them “counter protesters.” I guess Georgie forgot all about the Berkeley riots, the Oakland riots, and the Portland riots, eh?

Whitewash much?

Same thing with Meet The Press even though it was clear when Chuck Todd rolled tape and the IWW flag was shown in the opening frame (at top of post – their logo on the left above).  Although it was just there for a flash, having DVR’s it I was able to “frame through it” and the writing on the flag that was visible was “…ORS of the WORLD” (0:06).

Even Fox News Sunday – nary a word about the “other side” unless they were labeled with the innocuous phrase “counter-protesters.”  It’s as if the name “AntiFA” didn’t exist.  Ditto for the other Sunday morning talking head shows.  And these are supposed to be amongst our nation’s crack journalists – even as it was clear in their tape rolls?

AntiFA – you know that group – the self-proclaimed Leftist group that has taken it upon itself to have the power to declare anyone that isn’t one of them is a fascist.  The problem is, they won’t acknowledge that their tactics are anti-Free Speech (Fascism itself) because “evil” must be silenced (just like we have seen on campuses.  Black outfits, black knit caps, bandanas covering their faces, goggles, helmets, body armor (on some), bats, mace, batons – they weren’t there for an afternoon tea of any type that I know of. Let’s also not forget BLM and other such groups.

President Trump’s words on the violence:

We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides, many sides

He was technically right – many groups and many sides.  Yet, that top quote was emblematic of the Political Class (politicos and MSM alike) – and as I have pointed out before, “you will be made to care” and the Left will make sure that you DO and that you will AFFIRM their beliefs or it’s the Two Minute of Hate for you (H/T: Orwell’s 1984) except there is never a two minute time limit.  Yet it was not enough.

Today, he did name the KKK and Neo-Nazis. Just what the Left wanted.  And no small number of Republicans.

But I’m disappointed – he didn’t mention any of the Left’s groups.

And the Left just smiled.  They won. They have just made everyone believe that “It takes at least two sides to create a conflict.” it only takes one side to win.

Whitewash brush

UPDATE: Forgot about this reporter being sent to the hospital by an AntiFA protester

Local CBS Reporter Assaulted By Anti-Racism Protester A Day After Charlottesville Chaos

You know, it’s like when some Islamist starts screaming “Allahu Akbar” and high-level government officials and MSM all go “We may never know what the motive was.”

What is the motive of the MSM in all this?

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