Guest Post: former NH State Rep Collette Worseman (R-Meridith) on the assault by NH State Rep Katherine Rogers

by Skip

Rep.-Katherine-Rogers-600x337Katherine Rogers has been charged with assault and needs to step down immediately from her position as the State Representative for Concord’s Wards 8, 9 and 10. She is a former Concord city councilor and Merrimack County Attorney and is still serving on the House Finance Committee. This is behavior unacceptable for a State Representative let alone one who is a lawyer.

She has violated the public trust and broken the law. In today’s Concord Monitor, it was reported Katherine Rogers has been charged with assault. It stems from an incident that took place last November. Ten months ago. Why she is still in office is entirely unacceptable. If she does not make the decision to step down the Democratic Party should require her to do so. For allowing her to stay means the Democratic Party will look the other way if violence is perpetrated by one of their members. This is shameful if left unaddressed.

Colette Worsman

Note from Skip – an important question: If many Republican reps have been forced to resign for “the appearance” for far less egregious (and just words), why is Katherine Rogers not being forced to resign over a worse “appearance” for an alleged physical attack on another person? Can you imagine the howls from the Democrat jackals ever-thirsty for political-blood of the D was an R after Rogers’ name?

BTW, her (alleged) assault on Susan Olsen has gone national.  What will the NH Democrat Party do and what is their stance? I noticed that the NHDP Chair came out against the NH GOP HQ getting graffitied – what about this much more serious assault at an election event (yeah, I’m throwing in shades of Russia into the mix)??


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  • That’s easy….Because she’s a DemocRAT. Only Republicans engage in circular firing squads.

    • gg

      Well, that is because GOP supporters have principles and actually usually mean what they say, not just what you want to hear!

  • Bill Anderson

    Double standard democRATS. She should lose her seat, be disbarred and never allowed to run again.

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