A CLASSIC example of the NH GOP stuck in the Marquis of Queensbury rules


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Cicero: You may not be interested in politics but be assured, politics is interested in you.

Muslim Jihadist translation:  You may not be interested in our Jihad but be assured, we don’t care what you think.

Antifa corollary: ALL you Republicans are Nazis (and thus far game for us).

Steve beat me to the punch on posting about the graffeti’d NH GOP HQ but he had a different picture.  So mine tells a different picture and so does NH GOP Chair Jeanie Forrester’s response:

State GOP Chair Jeanie Forrester said she was disappointed by the graffiti, which was discovered about 8:30 a.m. Thursday by staffers at 10 Water St.. “The violence and vandalism is just not acceptable behavior,” Forrester said. “We need to be talking to everybody and understanding we can agree to disagree on issues.”

Sad face. What a wishy-washy one it is, too: “disappointed” as if those wielding the paint were just “misguided yutes” for which we need to have empathy. Certainly we can “win hearts and change minds” – like a schoolmarm shaking a finger at an unruly class with “just not acceptable behavior” (yeah, well so was voting Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion, right?).  And the pie-in-the-sky thought that “we can agree to disagree” about stuff. Sorry, ain’t gonna happen.

And this next part has to be a parody of when politicos or LEOS say “we’ll never know the motive of the attacker” even when said attacker is screaming “ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!”:

“I can’t get into the head of the person who did this,” she said, noting the building prior to this year was the target of graffiti regarding health care.

Jeanie, it’s easy – they hate you to their core and your’s.  See, simple.  No obfuscation, no guesstimating, no equivacating, and no politicalese.  You’re not that naive (not by a long shot), but it seems par for the course of either:

  • Not wanting to upset some faux apple cart in hopes they won’t hate you more
  • Not recognizing the obvious (or trying hard to not recognize it, which is worse)
  • Yet another flabby flatulent response of staid Republicans fighting the wrong war in the wrong way because “oh golly, that would get my hands dirty”.

Buckley is laughing his butt off.  Look, there IS no common ground between those that ostensibly say they are supportive of Constitutional values (and then proceed with the “get along go along” philosophy, which is to say not so much) and the “T’aint no space between Democrats and Socialists” Party which openly deride and attack the Founders as an effective attack on the Constitution itself (but have no problem “using it” if the political climate warrants it and then dispose of it all other times).

So, when as the Keeper of the NH GOP Principles will she start going after elected Republicans that, with their votes, repudiate said Principles? Isn’t that WORSE than spray painting a building for destroying the credibility of the NH GOP?

What say you, spokesflak Hynsey?  If a Party doesn’t vote the way they campaign, isn’t that “hate speech” against their voters (/smirk)?

(H/T: Union Leader)