How Bad Are The New Hampshire Democrat Party Prognosticators?

by Steve MacDonald

Rogers-SpeakingBack before we knew the outcome of the 2016 elections the Democrats were saying Chris Sununu was out-of-touch with mainstream voters.

Speaking at the Legislative Office Building, Buckley, Senator David Pierce (D-Lebanon) and Representative Katherine Rogers (D-Concord) denounced the Trump/Sununu’s extreme ideology, saying it was way out-of-touch with mainstream voters and that it would surely lead Republicans up and down the ticket to disaster in November.

Main Stream voters in New Hampshire, continue to disagree.

Taxes the state budget, education, and healthcare all ranked 6% or less among those polled.  So it does not sound like residents care about business tax cuts or any of the left’s chest pounding about the Republican budget. They are not worried all that much about their health care, and tuitioning-legislation to allow parents to use education tax dollars to put their kids in private or charter schools isn’t an issue for them.

Governor Sununu himself, currently enjoys a 62% overall approval rating, according to the GraniteState Poll, up 20 points from February 2017. And a 50% approval rating from self-identified Democrats.

And we’re still waiting for the blood in the streets they keep promising us.

Don’t hold your breath. They were wrong about that too. Which suggests that it is, in fact, State Party Chair Ray Buckley, Senator David Pierce (D-Lebanon) and Representative (D-Concord)–and the rest, who are “way out-of-touch with mainstream voters” leading to an “up and down the ticket to disaster in November” for Democrats.

Good times. Good times.

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  • Main stream “news” media? I get it, although the web has certainly dented that
    What, pray tell, is “main stream” voter, even supposed to imply? ?
    I don’t recall that option check box on the registration form.
    I don’t recall that demographic cited (among the SEVERAL WTF? ones) on the daily “latest polls show…” during the nomination, and leading up to the election process.

    • Bryan W

      “Mainstream” voters, to Leftists, are voters registered “D,” registered “I” because they are a) socialist/marxist/communist and don’t think “D” is leftist enough, b) really “D” but vote in the “R” primaries so we don’t nominate the best person (conservative), c) ideological leftists on one subject, such as murdering babies or the environment.

      But you’re right – without a definition given by those who use the term, it is a meaningless categorization. It also shows how poor the press are – a good journalist would get them to define it for his story. A propaganda writer will just parrot what they say and pick the best sound clip.

      • How odd. I’m registered “I” (“U” actually, except that one time at band camp) because the Republican Party isn’t conservative enough.
        Amusingly, this would ALSO make me RINO if I didn’t have the U option.

        • Bryan W

          I was trying to define “mainstream voters” from the perspective of the leftists. From our perspective, we don’t know what it is.

          And I’m with you – I’m a “U” because the national GOP is run by establishment weenies, and the NHGOP is a group of local wannabes. Having said that, I believe in clean elections, and I’m also a “U” because I’m an election official.

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