Poll: Gov. Chris Sununu Has New Hampshire Pointed in the Right Direction

by Steve MacDonald

GSP 8-2017 NH Right directionThe University of New Hampshire Survey Center’s most recent Granite State Poll shows Governor Chris Sununu with high approval ratings after his first seven months in office. And,

 “Nearly three in four Granite Staters feel the state is headed in the right direction, the highest percentage in a decade.”

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The percentage of Granit Staters who think the state is on the right track (75%) is the highest its been since July 2007. This feeling is bipartisan as a majority of Republicans (86%), Independents (72%), and Democrats (69%) say the state is headed in the right direction.

That’s got to stick in the craw of state Democrats, who ply narratives about Republican priorities and the candidates that support them being wrong for New Hampshire.

And what about those priorities?  What are New Hampshire residents concerned about most? Better yet, what does not concern them?

GSP 8-2017 Priorities

Taxes the state budget, education, and healthcare all ranked 6% or less among those polled.  So it does not sound like residents care about business tax cuts or any of the left’s chest pounding about the Republican budget. They are not worried all that much about their health care, and tuitioning-legislation to allow parents to use education tax dollars to put their kids in private or charter schools isn’t an issue for them.

Governor Sununu himself, currently enjoys a 62% overall approval rating, according to the GraniteState Poll, up 20 points from February 2017. And a 50% approval rating from self-identified Democrats.

GSP 8-2017 Chris Sununu by party

I wasn’t a Sununu guy myself; I wanted Edelblut. But I have to say, and this is a common theme among Sununu detractors on the right with whom I’ve spoken, that he has done a very good job so far. And I think this poll reflects that.

Aug 2017 Granite State Poll


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