Has the Lefty Media Lost Snopes.com?

by Steve MacDonald


Image Credit- Snopes

Snopes.com is not exactly the blessing to truth and transparency it claims for itself. Few on the right trust it to which we may now add a few on the left, assuming the progressives don’t try and burn it to the ground for this. The Lies of Donald Trump’s Critics, and How They Shape His Many Personas.

There are many articles that exist detailing lies and misleading claims made by the Trump administration. This article is intended as a neutral, reliable analysis of the lies, false allegations and misleading claims made about and against Donald Trump since his inauguration in January 2017. We’ve attempted to strip away the hyperbole, name-calling and generalizations, and examine the patterns and trends at work: what characterizes these lies and exaggerations, the effect they have, what might explain them.

Join the New Media MilitiaThe rebuttals are subdued, so don’t get too excited, but in a world owned by a progressive media industrial complex with a single minded obsession, the Snopes piece shows us that some of the left’s common water carriers see a danger in this tactic.

Snopes will continue to be Snopes, which means different things to different people, but it is refreshing to see someone pointing out that keeping the absurdity pegged to 11 day-in-and-day out is only going to cost them political influence moving forward.

For people to whom nothing else in the world matters more, you’d think a growing number would assume this tack but no such luck. The left has been reprogramming the culture for decades but the foot soldiers they created are more like the goons from  Evergreen and Berkely, and they will continue to make the news cycle unpleasant no matter what shape of form other sorts of navel-gazing produce.

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