UC Berkeley’s Fascistic ‘Anti-Fascists’

by Steve MacDonald

UC Berkley RiotAn outspoken gay guy was scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley.

Protesters started a riot to keep him from speaking then proceeded to trash the campus the town, private property, and bystanders., They also attacked people in the media trying to report on the riot.

Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos, who was scheduled to say words they didn’t want to hear, is a Nazi and a Fascist. The protesters seem to think that this display, to keep anyone from hearing what he had to say, is anti-fascist.

Is anyone going to tell them that using violence to keep people who think differently from you from speaking is a feature of fascism? Is anyone going to tell them that using force to keep people from hearing the words of people who think differently from you is a characteristic of fascism?How about controlling the message by trying to stop media that you don’t control; reporting that could be unfavorable to your opinion or interpretation of events? That’s fascist too.

Whatever you call this is can’t be good for the left.

But it is an excellent example of what I have pointed out more times than I can count. The left is not interested in gays, women, blacks, trans, children, teachers, workers, families, or anyone. They are only interested in you if, whoever or whatever you are, you agree with them. Think the wrong thoughts, say the wrong words, beleive the wrong things and you’re the enemy. Period.

Equality is not about equality. Diversity is about enforcing conformity. Inclusiveness is defined by rabid devotion to the party and its ideas. Speech is to be limited, and the Press is only legitimate when it reports things in a manner favorable the progressive agenda.

That is also fascism.

So, the “anti-fascists” don’t know they are fascists. Welcome to what passes for “education” at UC Berkeley.

Breitbart has a ton of links, video, and other goodies to share from the Peaceful Berkeley Protest Riot. All because a homosexual wanted to say words the snowflakes didn’t want anyone else to hear.

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