Why Are NH Republicans Voting to Make Electricity More Expensive?

by Steve MacDonald

Government WasteNew Hampshire Senate Bill 129 will make New Hampshire’s already high electric rates higher. So why are a majority of Republicans in the State House and State Senate supporting this bill? Your guess is as good as mine.

I get why Democrats support it. It uses government force and taxpayer dollars to prop up expensive and inefficient renewable energy. It takes money from residents and job creators and gives it to bureaucrats so they can create fewer jobs that cost more and deliver less.

It raises subsidies for biomass, a shill to the timber lobby and the North Country. It provides subsidies for residential solar installations. So it uses your tax dollars to make your electricity cost more, and your employer’s electricity cost more.

What the hell are Republicans doing backing this sort of redistributive green energy crap?

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  • sb

    Seems clear to me. Either they’ve been bribed, or the Republican party now consists of Democrats who pretend to be Republicans when they run so they can infiltrate the Republican party. I’m thinking the latter.

  • Radical Moderate

    “What the hell are Republicans doing backing this sort of redistributive green energy crap?’
    Simple answer. The majority of Republicans in Concord are shills for big money NH/MA Corporate types. Don’t forget, businesses can deduct the electricity costs off their corporate taxes, so it ain’t nuthin to them to push for a plan that will “sell back extra electricity” into the grid thus securing power for their manufacturing needs.

  • If the pursuit of “biomass” promotes value to the slash, traditionally left behind after logging folks limb the logs, I MIGHT be interested.

    Much like fracking made “the dregs” unexpectedly viable…nay Globally Game changing, let me know who’s in the biomass parade that’s fully prepared to
    utilize logging slash, used cooking oil, fermented garbage, “medical” waste, political posters, newsprint, superflous legal profession paper, (under)used coffee grounds, and all those detestable food service pickles and olives I have to pick off the pizza/burgers.

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