Medicaid Expansion – well THANK YOU (again) Republicans Jeb Bradley, Chuck Morse, and the other…

…cast of known characters that decided, contra the NH GOP Platform, that shoving NH into the Obamacare morass via the Medicaid Expansion (Hey Jeb – thanks for the extra taxes!).  So once again, Govt has decided that it knows economics better than anyone and these self-righteous nitwits went for it.  I’m not waiting for my breath to get baited to see what Government will come up to fix what Government made worse.

I’m quite sure that I’ll be SO delighted – and in looking at this piece in the UL, I am not disappointed (reformatted, emphasis mine)

NH insurer seeks 30% rate hike

The second-largest insurer in the New Hampshire Obamacare market said his company has requested average rate hikes of 30 percent next year, blaming the increase on two provisions of the health care lawMedicaid expansion and federally imposed risk adjustments.  Minuteman Health Chief Executive Officer Tom Policelli disclosed the preliminary proposal in a newspaper interview on Monday. He said Medicaid-expansion customers, who don’t pay any premiums or deductibles, won’t feel any impact, and subsidized Exchange customers will feel very little.

Yep – this is exactly the Alinsky end-game: transfer of wealth from the Have’s to the Not-Have’s; glad to see that the NH elected officials in the House and Senate decided to play along with Alinsky and one of his top henchmen – Obama.  All your’s, boys and girls!

But wait, there’s MORE!

Of COURSE this was structured so that no matter WHAT happens, Obama (and now, the NH GOP’s) favorite protected groups won’t feel a thing.  Of COURSE, during this time, we hear them saying “Don’t take my Obamacare / Medicaid away!” as they have no skin in the game and from what I have seen, no gratitude for being helped.  This new entitlement has gendered a massive entitlement attitude – not just with the recipients but with our elected leaders (as in “we ARE entitled to spend your money as we wish”).3

And it is apparent that the GOP at both the national and State levels have moved to the Democrat position of positive Rights (instead of the negative Rights in our Constitutions), all we hear is “how can we take this away” and even more extreme “we have to take care of everyone”.

Everyone except, it seems, taxpayers.

The increase will fall most heavily upon the 20,000-plus Exchange customers who are not subsidized. “This is a shadow tax on a very small population, and will likely make individual coverage too expensive for many,”…

So what does Medicaid Expansion do?  Simply moves the Have-Nots’  line up from those already dependent on government to those that were self-sufficient – and Govt abandons them.

Good going, Jeb!

The rest of the piece talks about some of the state of the newly hammocked Have-Nots in the Medicaid Expansion meadow.  Did it meet the goals?

Policelli’s interview on Monday followed a presentation he gave at a symposium on Medicaid last week at University of New Hampshire Law School.

Implemented under former Gov. Maggie Hassan, the Medicaid expansion system calls for most recipients — about 50,000 — to purchase their coverage through the Exchange with Medicaid dollars. New Hampshire is among only a handful of states to do so.

A PowerPoint presentation paints an actuarial picture of Minuteman’s Medicaid-expansion customers.

• Medicaid-expansion clients use in-network behavior health and substance abuse services at a rate of 509 percent more than the rest of Exchange customers.

When you are spending other peoples’ money for services, we see that nothing is as expensive as “free”.  Really – 509% more?  Far worse than I ever thought

• They are at least twice — and in one instance 10 times — more likely to go outside of the Minuteman network for care, where prices are higher.

Yeah – we all have to stick inside our “narrow networks” or lots of money comes outthis is like the two transaction SNAP people do at grocery stores – the minimum restricted purchases and then the cash-a-plenty.  And what about the BIGGEST goal of expanding Medicaid – saving money by NOT using as many ER visits because now they can just see a regular doctor on a regular basis – did that happen?

• Medicaid expansion clients are more likely to use emergency rooms and 911 ambulance when unnecessary. They are also less likely to use outpatient or professional services.

• The regular Medicaid population is under managed care and assigned a primary care physician. No such requirement exists under the Medicaid-expansion population.

I’m wondering what the GOP response to this will be.  Here in NH, they did it.  They own it.  The question is whether they’ll man up and do the right thing  and let the markets take care of this.  Government CAN’T do everything – yet, more and more, it is trying to do more and more.

And this last line confirms what I’ve been saying for years:

“What’s going to drive rates higher is not medical costs. What’s going to drive rates higher is unintended results of policy decisions,” Policelli said.

(H/T: Union Leader)