Good Guy with a gun stops a bad guy – this time, it’s personal

by Skip

holstered-gun1People like NH State Rep Katherine Rogers don’t believe that phrase “Good guys with guns stop bad guys” should ever exist, is really just “fake news”, part of a mythology that has to be put down, and never misses an opportunity to advance the cause of killing off the Second Amendment and Article 2A here in NH.  Unfortunately, real examples of that phrase actually do happen and I’ve posted a few here at the ‘Grok from time to time.  This one, however, is different; this time, it’s personal.

No, not me – this happened not once, not twice, but three times with The Eldest and I just heard his story this past week as we drove down to pick up the now elderly Saab from the garage.  They took place just after he finished his hitch with the Marines and came home.  A friend of his, female, was working the overnights at a local convenience store that, at the time, was the object of a number of robberies.  The Eldest has ALWAYS been very loyal and protective of his friends so knowing the manager well, he used to dub around the store doing little things (not an employee) to help out, especially in the coolers but always keeping an eye on his friend at the register.

Well, his friend was most likely most appreciative for his presence as he recounted that one time, a group of guys came and just wandered around; it  was clear that they were waiting for other customers to clear out (the store was not THAT big).  When the last customer went out the door, the Eldest saw that they were starting to assemble near the counter, he strode out of the cooler.  Now, he’s not physically all that impressive – just a regular guy but happened to always (at least at that time) Marine T-Shirts from his deployments.  He also exuded that “Marine attitude” – you’d have to be quite stupid and have a Social IQ of a gnat to miss it.  He recounted that they really stared at the graphics and the words on it.

And they really stared at his hip – he was open carrying his SIG 9mm (even as he had his NH Pistol / Revolver permit that would have allowed him to conceal carry).

As he quietly walked to behind the counter to back up his friend, they quietly placed all the stuff they had picked off the shelves onto the counter – and then quietly turned around and walked out the door. He simply went back to work .

There were two other times when this played out almost exactly the same way except both times it was only a couple of guys each.  The last time, they left but within the hour, hit another store and did rob it.

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  • roger

    Is there a point to this story? What horrible “journalism”, it has zero “real” people in it. You know those little things they call sources?

    So if this is even remotely true, your guy saw about 4 people he didn’t like for whatever reason, likely just wearing the wrong skin color that day, and got all tough and “marine” like with his little 9mm?

    Sounds like stolen valor. Also sounds like the shop owner needs better security

    This is “fake news”

    • 175jfs

      Sounds like a micro-aggression on your part or satire.

    • Liberal Conservative


      “you’d have to be quite stupid and have a Social IQ of a gnat to miss it”.

      • sb

        I don’t think he is missing anything. He just came to harass Groksters.

        • roger

          Just offering perspective don’t want this blog to be an echo chamber. (Based on its Alexa ratings it is)

          • sb

            Your concern is touching. /s

    • granitegrok

      No, this was about my son (“the Eldest”). The moral is that a Good Guy did stop some bad guys.

      And leave it to you to throw the race card. Here in central NH, pretty much there’s only one skin color as NH is one of the whitest States in the Union. What matters is the color of their hearts which were black and then turned yellow.

      Given that I attended his graduation at Parris Island and sent box after to box to him in Iraq, apologize for your innuendo about “stolen valor”.

      And given that you weren’t there, go ahead and prove to me, point by point, how this is “fake news”, troll.

      • roger

        One of the whitest states in the union….and you want to keep it that way.

        Well I’m really glad that your sons in training helped him scare off some scary people at a convenience store.

        It really sounds like you are some hoe capitalizing on your sons marine core training (assuming he made it through) and tying that to some second amendment rights argument.

        • granitegrok

          “and you want to keep it that way.”.

          Boy, aren’t you the unconscious racist! Project much?

        • granitegrok

          Still waiting for you to defend the “fake news” part.

          • roger

            Dude news has cited sorces with real names. Change the whole story and name the actual people involved and I will retract my “fake news” part

          • granitegrok

            Really? Hey, all I see being reported about the Trump Admin lately is “sources”, “officials”, “those close to the situation”, and the like. I’ve never used their names on GraniteGrok and never will.

            So, in the end, you are calling me out as a liar – right?

  • WillyPs

    The story I read years ago had some punks getting a little too rough with a waitress, the good guy with a gun simply stands in a manner to ‘accidentally’ reveal the gun… just enough to subtly influence the situation.

    There’s no collecting statistics on how often such a situation occurs, and no way to really know what might have gone down without someone stepping up to handle it the right way. But I really have to think it happens far more often than some would think.

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