NH Democrats finally admit what I’ve been saying about them for years

This piece from Pravda on the Merrimack is about SB8 – the “Croydon” bill has a very pointed example of what I have been saying for years and years about Democrats.  I am still amazed that the PotM editor actually let it stay in place especially since all the Democrats save two, brought it up as a HUGE reason why NOT to allow local School Boards to actually control how education is handled in their towns / districts.

Progressives / [il]Liberals / Progressives / Socialists ALWAYS are working to transfer political Power to the next higher level of government and delight in removing that Power from accountability at the closest level where policies, laws, and regulations are applied.  I lauded former Speaker of the NH House Bill O’Brian when he agreed that part of his process was to devolve power from Concord back to the local towns and to the people.  MUCH of the anger and ire of the DC based Political Class (Dems and Republicans alike in that turd UniParty) towards Trump as he said as much the same thing during his Inauguration Address.

So on NH SB8, we see the Dems (emphasis mine, reformatted):

Still, a majority of Democrats on the committee objected to the amended bill, saying it ceded responsibilities previously held by state officials to local boards and didn’t do anything to protect against private schools’ discriminating against children with disabilities while receiving public money.

Yep – they publicly let the cat outta the bag. They 

HATE the idea that local people should have control over their own lives.  Why is that, you ask?  Simple – they think from their “high” elected perches (always remember what’s at the bottom of cages with perches – there’s a reason why its there) they are smarter than those of us not on equal height perches – and they conclude they are more able and have the moral high ground to dictate to the rest of us.

Let me go there – it isn’t just “they are smarter than” the rest of us, they look at us as being dumb (especially those of us of the Conservative outlook (no, scratch that – we’re EVIL, making it more imperative that control stays with them).

However, I DO have to give credit when credit is due:

Two Democrats, Barbara Shaw of Manchester and Linda Tanner of Georges Mills, broke party lines to vote along with the Republican majority on the committee to recommend the bill to the full House.

Putting my faith in the local control, yes,” Tanner said as she cast her vote.

Wow!  I did not see that coming.

At least PotM put the best up front:

The so-called Croydon bill is getting closer to the finish line, with the House Education Committee on Tuesday recommending an amended version of Senate Bill 8 in a 13-6 vote.

Nice to see, even if just a baby step, to returning education Power back to where it really belongs – back to the Parents.