And ours is the NH Association of Chiefs of Police

NHACOPLogo2If you are on your local Budget Committee or help select your budgets, support our Constitutions in their entirety, and are tired of our paid government employees testifying against our Rights and our best interests, read this post.  Over at The Truth About Guns, there’s a post about some of the most hardened, ardently anti-gun/civilian disarmament  groups in the country.  No, none of them are the Brady Campaign, the Coalition Against Gun Violence, Bloomberg’s Astro-turf Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action, Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Gabby Gifford’s Americans For Responsible Solutions and AARP (snicker).  No, it’s these (reformatted, emphasis mine):

What to Do About Anti-Gun Police Groups? Defund Them!

Broadly speaking, rank and file police in America support gun rights. After all, beat cops know a good guy with a gun might someday save their life [like here -Skip], too. On the other hand, police administrators largely toe the line of their political bosses. Big Democrat-run cities or university towns too often have top cops dedicated to furthering the cause of gun control. They have to in order to keep their paychecks coming. In some cases, such as Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez (pictured above), about the only thing people can do is vote them out of office. Recently, to prove her anti-2A bona fides, Valdez lent her name to Gabby Giffords’ Americans for Responsible Solutions. Seems Ms. Valdez opposes national reciprocity.

So this part of the post talks about voting them out of office, as many Sheriffs in the nation are elected officials.  They need to be targeted just like any other politicians (other than the badge and gun).  But the post continues to what we’ve seen here in NH during the SB 12 (aka “Constitutional Carry Bill”) process – that the top cops and their itty-bitty NH Ass. of Chiefs of Police testified, often in their uniforms and while being paid by taxpayer monies, against our Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms (and there are no qualifications on that Right in the originals).

So the post takes that into account:

In America, police chiefs love to form their own little organizations. Those orgs acts as their collective mouthpiece, often in support of gun control.

Included in those groups: The Police Foundation, The Police Executive Research Forum, The Hispanic-American Police Command Officers Association, The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, The International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Major Cities Chiefs Police Association among others. How can you influence these groups? Easy. Cut off their funding. Don’t donate to them.

I get calls all the time from all kinds of law enforcement groups begging for money.  Hey, at least they aren’t groveling to politicians to fund them out of the Public Treasury.  Oh wait!

One thing I found out being on our Budget Committee is that our locals often want the town to pay THEIR dues for up to three levels of the same type of organizations – like the fire departments, planning departments, and the police.  Invariably, however and as I have pointed out before, few of our government employees would be willing to these multi-level dues out of their own pockets (in fact, only one).  Translation: it’s a GREAT value if WE are paying for it for them but not so much if *I* have to pay for it.

This can add up to hundreds or THOUSANDS of dollars per year and most folks of the towns and cities in NH have no idea that these are paid on their behalf.  Gosh, it must be great to be the recipient of the taxpayer largesse – I’ve always had to pay my own dues as my companies never would.

So there’s another way to defund them.  So, back to Budgeteers, Selectmen, Aldermen, and Mayors – as Susan pointed out here, these various associations just aren’t a place to swap tidbits about doing better policing or the latest tips on new crime.  Nope, they wade in, not as private citizens but as officials that are paid by us. And that is WRONG. WHY would I, as someone who holds both the Second Amendment and Article 2-A near and dear, want to continue to fund, with taxpayer money, a group that advocates AGAINST my Freedom.

So folks, I would ask of you – defund those dues.  Perhaps you aren’t an ardent Second Amendment / Article 2-A dude.  Fair enough.  But what about those that elected you – might you have some responsibility for representing their interests?  Money is policy – and voting to allow funding is to allow them to actively lobby Concord.  In this, they PROVE themselves to be partisan.  It isn’t about safety – but that’s what is used for the argument.  During SB12, it WAS about Power – the Power to decide who could and how could not have a pistol/revolver license that would allow concealed carry.

Yes, we have drifted far afield that a law had to be passed to regain something that was lost.  But the NH Association of Chiefs of Police wanted to keep you from getting it.  Just like all of those other anti-gun “advocacy” groups but our Chiefs are on the payroll of US.