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Nationally Funded Left-Wing Pressure Group Targets Candia, NH To Keep Transgender Policy

Transgender bathroomThe Candia School Board is meeting on Thursday, June 1st and one of the items up for consideration is a change to the current ‘transgender policy.’ A policy that was hastily implemented when the Obama Administration was doing some social-justice saber-rattling. Threatening funding for schools if the yokel locals didn’t buy in.

The board looks like it could be prepared to roll that decision back, but a national group funded by millionaires and billionaires, operating in New Hampshire under cover of local activism, is bringing pressure to bear to stop any reversal.

New Hampshire Freedom Out of State funded pressure groupFreedom New Hampshire–propped up by the national activist group Freedom for All Americans–is on a town-by-town crusade to pressure local officials to adopt transgender bathroom policies in local schools. The premise is that there is discrimination against transgenders in New Hampshire. And the way to end it is to get local districts to mix boys and girls in bathrooms and locker rooms in your neighborhood K-12.

But, but, but “discrimination!” Sorry, that’s just the false flag the Democrat socialist SJW culture warriors at Freedom New Hampshire have chosen to frighten you into giving them what they want.

What do they want?

The end game is the passage of a law like HB 478, New Hampshire’s perennial gay-lobby effort to let any man use any woman’s locker room or bathroom with language meant to hamstring small business owners, incentivize sexual predators, and advance the effort to silence free speech.

The other thing you need to understand is that existing New Hampshire law already affords these individuals protection from discrimination. They are already protected by law without putting private property owners at risk or silencing anyone’s right to conscientiously object.

And that, my friends, is the problem.

Much like the intolerant diversity culture of college campuses where discrimination against opposing thought is not just encouraged it is required, the leadership in the LGBT lobby and the millionaire cultural radicals behind them are not looking to end discrimination. They are trying to institutionalize it. The Trans-bathroom policy is a propaganda tool to leverage towns and then legislatures into passing bills that will legalize silencing dissent.

The threat of lawsuits or legal action alone will do much but typically, some poor unsuspecting business owner, school district, or local municipality is served up on the social justice altar as a message to the rest. Cross us, and you will be made to pay.

The plaintiffs will get backing from the gay-lobby billionaires, the defendants–win or lose–will be fiscally ruined.

Message sent? Or do we need another sacrifice?

Out-of-state funded groups like Freedom NewHampshire, an ironic name for a group looking to remove freedoms, are planted in states like New Hampshire to hold warm and fuzzy house parties to soft sell a path that leads to cultural and political tyranny.

Candia in listening to the parents who pay their salaries and considering what to do with their existing policy. Millionaires like Peter Singer and Mike Gill, worth Billions and Millions respectively, fund groups in your state to push policy forward and stop any backsliding.

They will use whatever resources that out-of-state wealth can provide to make it look like there is local support for keeping any sexual predator bathroom policy in place.

Candia probably doesn’t want it but unless Candia and the surrounding community stand up to support and defend board members siding with parents the out-of-state money will scare them into buying back into the lie.

The meeting is Thursday, June 1st.