Oh look – there’s NH Representative Dan Eaton’s mouth sticking out of NH Speaker Jasper’s posterier!

WMURSo, first Jasper calls the NH Freedom Caucus “terrorists” because they won’t do the demanded “you WILL go along to get along” that Establishment Republicans (“GOPe”) have tatoo’d on their tongues.  Then Jasper decides that because the House Republican Alliance (“HRA”) is also a thorn in his side, he kicks them out of the State House, calling them a lobbying group.

And then Eaton steps up to the plate on CLOSEUP today – and right away smacks his shins with the bat:

…The Speaker may have been criticized for his comments, he has nothing to apologize for. There is a group that are very principled, as Rep. Kirk said, and there is also a group that is a bunch of anarchists that are truly not Republicans…

Way to go, dude, in influencing people!  Yeah, that’s gonna change hearts, minds, and opinions – and votes.

I was at a meeting of the Lakes Region Porcupines yesterday and two of the folks that were there are NH State Reps.  They are two of the folks that have been labeled as “terrorists” by Jasper and now, “anarchists” by Eaton (who has had his own problems in the past).  While I have known one for a number of years now and just started to get to know the other, they are neither of those things even if they are Free Staters and Libertarians.  Rather, they are “conservative” Libertarians – while in full favor of Liberty, they also know that that an anarchist society is one that devolves to one of “The Strong Man” and neither has any illusions about that outcome.

No, they DO hew to the Republican ideal of a smaller and less intrusive government – and in no way agree with Jasper OR Eaton that jacking up the budget as much as they want to is the right thing to do because of that Republican Principle.  So, who is at fault here?  In fact, given the current CPI (Consumer Price Index – the inflation rate), Eaton, Jasper and others are venturing into Democrat territory by enlarging government in a really big way and the new (and entirely known) Medicaid Expansion costs haven’t even arrived.

Frankly, I believe that, due to Republicans this go round in the NH House, are the ones that are about to hold NH Taxpayers hostage.

See what I just did there?

The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen

Brought to you by the NH GOP