NH House Speaker Jasper can’t get it done, turns to scapegoating

Shawn Jasper BinkieYeah, NH Speaker Shawn Jasper, the formerly Democrat appointed NH Speaker of the House, is upset with Republicans, well, who are acting like Republicans.  Jasper is willing to go for bigger government – these Republicans aren’t.  Jasper is willing to spend more – these Republicans won’t.  He couldn’t get his budget passed – they stopped him and his fellow Democrats.  Stalwarts, they be, I say.  He called them WHAT???

“I am not a person that gives in to essentially terrorism,” said Jasper, R-Hudson, during a lengthy interview Friday about the maverick team of 32 conservatives who helped block passage of the budget.

Yeah, that’s rhetoric right out of the Democrat playbook.  I know – that’s the kind of language the Progressives (who ALWAYS rachet up government) used against us in the TEA Party movement.  They did so because we wanted a government that stayed within its Constitutional bounds, was frugal, and espoused Free Markets.  And Jasper calls this new NH Freedom Caucus “terrorists”?  Standing up for Principles – Republican principles?

So what does that say about Jasper – calling those that hew to Republicans principles “terrorists?  As that old song said “how bizarre, how bizarre”.  Just look back to the last session, His Democrat Appointedness?

In excoriating them, he called them heartless (“don’t care about his fellow man”).  How ’bout that flip side, Shawn – that you only care about Government?  Given that the Republican Caucus voted for him this time, is that true of them all?

What Jasper has just told us is that he believes that individuals can’t do good things – that only Government can do that AND that Government should be the only entity to do so.  Just like Democrats.