Voter Fraud Happened In Virginia – The Pattern Is The Same

by Ed Naile

Vafalay Massaquoi

Vafalay Massaquoi

Alexandria Resident Found Guilty of Voter Registration Fraud

Vafalay Massaquoi pleaded guilty to two counts of forging a public record and one count of election fraud. By Mary Ann Barton (Patch Staff) – January 12, 2017 11:43 am ET

Here we have another voter registration scam where the activity stems from a well-funded, left-wing community organizing non-profit. In this case, it is called: The Center for Popular Democracy. That is community organizer speak for socialism.

The CPD’s tentacles reach into dozens of different progressive groups. It seems every socialist cause has several splinter groups whose mission is always the same:


The Center for Popular Democracy works to create equity, opportunity and a dynamic democracy in partnership with high-impact base-building organizations, organizing alliances, and progressive unions. CPD strengthens our collective capacity to envision and win an innovative pro-worker, pro-immigrant, racial and economic justice agenda.

Check out the staff of this community organizer group:

Talk about top heavy. It takes some 60 “team members” to run a voter registration scam that already has a chapter in every nook and cranny of every state and city in the US? Or is this a full employment daycare center for wanna-be revolutionaries fresh out of mom’s basement? There has to be millions in unpaid student loans hanging on the necks of these leftists. But still they think America hasn’t handed them enough.

Here comes the money – but not from a real job.

Soros and other billionaires donate $200 thousand per year, Soros was an original funder and one of his associates now runs it.

The bright and shiny staff of this left-wing, Soros funded, voter registration organization have Yale, Columbia, Harvard, Georgetown, Princeton, and McGill (We don’t want to forget McGill) graduates running the organization, as usual. Several have some sort of law degree. Mostly though, they have heavyweight degrees in Afro-American, environmental, political science, racial justice, LGBTQ, and the sort.  You could say that the Organization for Popular Democracy is a super condensed group of group-thinkers all about the same age. They are ready to change the world – conveniently forgetting what socialism has had an opportunity to do to it so far. The “college” is strong in these dreamers.

Did I mention that several CPD team leaders were from ACORN? You find that a lot with these super smart socialists. They jump ship like rats when exposed and dream up another name for another Soros-funded community organizing scheme.

It is who the cream of the communist crop hires to collect signatures that intrigues me. With all this brainpower at the top of the organization, they seem to find voter registration employees like the one just convicted in Alexandria, Virginia.

Vafalay Massaquoi 10/5/1986


Disposition: Guilty

Offense Date: 8/21/2011

Court: of FL Duval Clerk Courts

Case Number: 162011MM015646AXXXMAMASVAF

So why the disparity? How come such smart leftists can’t find some other way of collecting voter registrations from what looks like a police line-up? My guess is it must be some sort of formula.

Remember the guy we caught in Hooksett on November 8, 2016, voting from a fake Hooksett address, without a driver’s license, in a Mass. rental car, who claims to have just flown here from Miami, who already voted in two other states? He had a criminal record as well, for armed robbery. Who pays his salary and travel expenses to suddenly show up in NH on Election Day?

I see this so much with these ACORN style voter registration scams it makes me wonder. What would happen if a new Attorney General, not one like Eric Holder who was on ACORN’s side, looked into some of these national voter registration schemes? James O’Keefe and Project Veritas single handedly took out ACORN. How hard would it be to investigate the new ACORNS?

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