When right and wrong are ephemeral and only depends on the moment... - Granite Grok

When right and wrong are ephemeral and only depends on the moment…

“If there is no God, urder isn’t wrong”

Is murder wrong? How do you know? In this video (below), Dennis Prager shows why, unless there is a God who says murder is wrong, believing murder is immoral is, well, just an opinion.

And what happens when entire societies stop believing in God? As Dennis explains, the 20th century provides some tragic answers.

Those societies that have “thrown of” God and religion – how have they fared?  Those that have made The State their religion, their God?  Not so much.  We see that now in the US where being a Christian, whose values are absolute (or supposed to be, anyways), instead of the relativism that Progressives, Socialist, and Cultural Marxists peddle, know what right and wrong are even if they do not practice what they profess.

Not only is that important but the philosophy that there is a Higher Power that will take stock of your actions can be a powerful motivator.  After all, if you are the only one that says what is lawful or not (like many politicians are doing even now with Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and States), it devolves quickly to “what feels right – to ME?”.  Such a selfish, self-centered, self-righteous way to go through life – and history has shown, as the video does, what happens when that goes from the Individual to the Collective.

I once had a discussion with an atheist on this on the idea that in his view, people can be good without God – but I proposed that is only possible because of a type of “innoculation” by those that do and still adhere to a Biblical morality – but it breaks down when more and more people don’t believe in God or His principles.  He wouldn’t agree with that line of reasoning, that those that still believe in God help society in general – and in fact, it is not necessary.  I disagree and only wave my hand towards Society in showing “how’s that working out for us”?

Abortion is murder.  Euthanasia is murder.  Yet, with the way that society is going, that what right is now wrong, that normalization now being flipped; how can right vs wrong be agreed upon when it is “only an opinion”?

(H/T: Liberty Unyielding)