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If Democrats Want it, Run Away From it. The More They Want it the Faster You Run

When contemplating your vote for bills like HB478, or any Bill a Democrat sponsors, consider what I like to call my rule number one. If Democrats want it, you should probably run away from it. The more they want it, the faster you run.

New Hampshire House Bill 478 is not about transgenders. It’s no different than anything else most Democrats want. It is about advancing their political and cultural agenda. Transgenders are just the latest tool. A tiny spec of a sliver of the population they can use as a wedge.

You don’t believe me?

Ask yourself, do Democrats represent all women or just the one’s who toe their ideological line? How about blacks, gays, Hispanics, moms, teachers, or anyone who isn’t both one or more of those things and a modern progressive water-carrier? Democrats revile them, despise them, wish harm on them.

You are with them if you do their bidding if you are not then you are the enemy. That’s not an argument for rights or equality. It is not bipartisan or inclusive. It is the groundwork of tyranny.

Is everyone entitled to free speech or just people on the left who follow the progressive rules? The left is free to do whatever it must to silence you.

We know guns are only permitted in hands that progressives control. They will do or say anything to disarm you. They decide who is suitable.

If you take the time to look, you may notice that everything they do is like that. All their motivations are the same.

When they say they are opening a door, they mean to close scores of others. Everything they do puts limits on society, intimidates it, silences it, lays groundwork for the next big leap “forward” at the expense of other freedoms. Speech, assembly, association, religion, press, self-defense are all fodder for Democrat victories, legislative, legal, or otherwise.

You are the problem. They are the solution.

And no, voting for HB478 will not get them to vote for an important conservative or Republican priority later. They will never take the boot off your neck. They can’t. The Democrat party won’t let them.

And the first chance they get they’ll grab your majority and rub it in your face. They’ll undo what you have done and spit on you when you dare to object.

Just like blacks, and women, and gays, and every other victim group, your just a vote that gets them closer to what they want. Once they have it they have no use for you.

HB478 is just another Democrat tool and if you vote for it so are you.