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Could I get a side of steak with my steak?
Could I get a side of steak with my steak?

Not a compelling message is how I ended one of my comments over at, where else, Treehugger at another Katherine Martinko screed about how much she hates meat eating (“Meat-eating is on the rise in the United States“).  Part of it:

In bad news for environmental, health, and animal welfare advocates, the latest numbers show that U.S. meat consumption is on an upswing, thanks to dropping prices.  So much for all those Meatless Mondays. The message that it’s important to cut back on meat is not getting through to Americans, who continue to pound back the pounds of beef, chicken, and pork at an exponential rate.

It’s hugely frustrating that the ‘go meat-free’ message has largely been ignored. All those documentaries, the books, the online lectures, the op-eds, the campaigns and pledges, etc. haven’t really worked, if meat-eating is on the rise once again.

Oh, it is deary, as we’re bombarded by it with a constant din.  However, we’re flat out ignoring it.  Fine for thee but not for me – GET OFF MY LAWN!  It’s the normal Progressive “don’t they know what’s good for them”?  We know “better”, but we don’t care – and that’s what gives them angina and make them want to redouble their efforts to MAKE us do the right thing.  Problem for us all is that what is right for THEM may not well be right for ME – GET OFF MY LAWN and leave me alone.

Anyways, I’ve left a few comments there mostly because it was like being at a Brazilian BBQ where the waiters are just walking around with different kinds of meat and as much as you wish to consume – and it CONTINUES!  Here’s one from “Jim Gordon”:

There are many things consumers like that are no longer sustainable. Thank the thronging hordes of prolific multi-child families for taking away many of your rights.

Quit beef within the next decade or be forced to stop all meat consumption thereafter. That is the only choice you have. It take only the smallest amount of vision to see the AGW writing on the wall. Delay the inevitable by supporting Planned Parenthood until it hurts, then give even more. Make a personal vow to never reproduce.

Personal cars for short trips are next.

Yeah, that was juicy and tender and served up just right:

“thronging hordes of prolific multi-child families for taking away many of your rights” – First, I’d like to see proof that those families are taking away my Constitutional Rights. Greedy, power hungry politicians – yes; big families, doubt it.

Sure, our solution is by killing unborn babies – there’s a morality ya gotta love. Remember, without more kids in the pipeline you don’t get any Social Security.

“are next” – proving once again, environmentalist are the people of “you don’t and CAN’T have that”. Not exactly a compelling message.

Seriously, is what Jim wrote a message that would convince you to join suit (a hair suit, to be sure)?  I really am waiting to see if Jim can back up those assertions.  For me, I’m glad that large families existed and continue to exist – my Mom was one of six and TMEW was one of eight.  Where would I be without them?

But really – they take away “rights”?  I can’t even conceive of how that can be true.  And as far as my car is concerned, we’re back to the Agenda 21 / Sustainable Communities Initiative “Pack and Stack / you only get to walk or ride public transportation – get thee into the city!”.

More later.

by Skip

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