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Estevez pulls a Weiner



After my earlier post about the sleazebag behavior of New Hampshire congressional candidate Eric Estevez, suddenly his campaign is claiming he was hacked!!!! ZOMG…. remind you of anyone?

Of course it does, it’s what many politicians say when they are caught making idiots out of themselves on social media. Anthony Weiner, shamed congressional member from New York, claimed the same thing after he was busted sending inappropriate photos to women over the Twitterverse.

Estevez decided to try and pull the same thing today after I posted the story about him:


He claims ‘Establishment Republicans’ are upset about his messaging, as if he’s a threat. MANY Republicans are upset because his true character is finally being outed. He’s an embarrassment. People like Estevez do nothing good for the party or conservatism. Absolutely nothing. Conservatism demands character and integrity, two things Estevez severely lacks.


He also sent claims that all the people he said endorsed him had endorsed him, except that isn’t true.


He claimed Representative Oligny endorsed him in this deleted tweet:


Except Oligny has stated that he hasn’t endorsed any congressional candidates.


The first responses from Estevez to the previous blog were mind-boggling. At no time were any of his policies mentioned, not once. Not clear what he was even talking about in these tweets:


There’s no need to mention Estevez’s policies. If the man lacks character and integrity, his policies don’t actually matter because he can never be trusted.

And ‘War on the Establishment?’ What the hell is he even talking about? He deleted all of those photo shopped pictures HE posted on Twitter after a Facebook post that outed him for posting them. Now he claims he was hacked? Did the hackers delete his fake photos as well?

This guy is a piece of work. One that needs to be sent back for an upgrade.

UPDATE: Someone shared this tweet from Estevez as well:


The guy wasn’t hacked and he isn’t important enough in the race that either of his opponents would waste their time doing it. On top of it HE has the NERVE to talk about ‘unethical behavior?’

Ironic his campaign manager’s ‘PAC’ talks about being against hypocrites. You cannot make this stuff up. Worst political campaign, candidate and manager ever?



h/t Shaun Doherty for the Weiner reminder