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UPDATED: DNC Vice Chair Ray Buckley Drives into Protester during Clinton Event


Yesterday during the Hillary Clinton event in Portsmouth New Hampshire, protesters joined the mix to express their outrage over the ‘Clinton Crime Syndicate’ and the apparent abuse of the justice system if you happen to be a Clinton.

NH1 News was live streaming the protest via Facebook when the DNC’s Vice Chair Ray Buckley, also the New Hampshire Democrat party chair,  arrived.

Buckley pulled into the ‘reserved’ parking lot. There were a couple of protesters in the space that was open so they moved but one woman was standing ON the grass and Buckley CHOSE to DRIVE INTO HER rather than stay IN the parking space.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oltaBHZQixI]

There was absolutely NO excuse for this behavior other than that Buckley is a hateful and violent partisan hack. As you can see in the beginning of the video, other protesters who were in the space moved out of the way so he could park.

The woman Buckley chose to drive into was on the grass. She wasn’t in the parking space.

Of course, there were no apologies from Buckley. Why? Because he did it intentionally. That is the type of violent filth running the New Hampshire Democrat Party and who sits on the Democrat’s national committee.

If a Republican head did that, all hell would break loose. Of course, Republicans aren’t violent. That’s typically reserved for Democrats.

Violence against anyone is NEVER OKAY no matter how slight it may seem. Intentionally running into a woman because you don’t like that she’s practicing her 1st Amendment right against your horrific candidate is not only unconscionable but it is downright disgusting.

You can see from this photo that he is clearly over the curb.


You can see from this photo that others know how to park aside from state rep Mary Heath, who also pulled in during the protest and parked far over the curb.

The irony of this vile man’s action? Some of the protesters were Democrats who support Sanders. He could have been driving into one of his own party’s members.

FURTHER irony? This tool supports the BLM movement. The people who block highways over a faux cause and literally cause serious issues for people who are blocked in traffic. This woman wasn’t in his way nor was she blocking his way. On top of that there were other parking spaces available in the lot.

Yeah, Ray Buckley is typical of Democrats – always seething with violence and hatred.

UPDATED: More video showing it was indeed Ray Buckley

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdGP0yUJdps]