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Journal: Protesting the Clinton Crime Syndicate in Portsmouth


Today in Portsmouth, Bernie Sanders jumped the shark and decided to endorse ‘Wall Street’ queen Hillary Clinton. Some Granite Staters decided to welcome Clinton back to New Hampshire after she was recently given a ‘free pass’ for being an ‘idiot’ when sharing classified information while Secretary of State. I thought I’d do something different and write a ‘journal-style’ blog about the day.

It was quite an interesting day. The protesters were actually diverse – some supporting Sanders, some supporting Trump and some supporting no one. All agreed that it is disgusting Hillary Clinton wasn’t prosecuted for a crime the rest of us would be prosecuted and probably in prison by now had WE committed it.

Upon arrival at 7:30 AM, it was a bit odd that there weren’t even Clinton signs anywhere nor were there any of her flying monkeys pasted along the sidewalk leading to the front of the school. We hunkered down and within minutes they closed off the back parking lot even though there was actually plenty more room for people to park.


Within minutes of that some of Clinton’s flying monkeys came out from the event with huge Hillary signs and stood ahead of us on the sidewalk to block us. They not only blocked us but they literally were blocking Clinton supporters from walking on the sidewalk. The people had to go in the road to get around them.

They even forced HANDICAPPED people with canes and walkers off of the sidewalk. It was deplorable. At one point a few women with walkers literally had to go down a little grassy hill then over a curb into the parking lot. One woman was appreciative when I yelled to them that they were pretty horrific. They are lucky no one got hurt.

They also sent others to crowd us on our right side and then some haggardly beast stood directly in front of my sign. There were a few words for her and the flying monkeys made her move across the street – smart move.

State Representative Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien was on scene and trying to have serious discussions with people about rape and what the Clinton’s did to his victims. One older man walked by and said ‘rape is good.’ Absolute scum.hillaryrape

NH1 News was live streaming the protest for about an hour and taking interviews with some of the people as well. You can watch the entire thing here.


One of the protesters was actually wishing Clinton supporters a cheery ‘good morning’ as they walked by. Most actually said good morning, some nothing and a few said ‘f*ck you.’ Some even told us to leave. IRONY  – 1st Amendment for THEE but not for WE? Hypocrites.

Then there is the story of the Clintonista who came out to give water to Hillary’s flying monkeys. Except, she mistook US for them and started handing out waters and saying how much they appreciated what we were doing… until she noticed our signs. Then she took the waters back. It was quite a hilarious moment.

Even better? She came back with a friend and wanted the video of her doing this to be deleted. We had to inform her that it was a ‘public place.’ Apparently these dumb kids don’t know their own rights.




What was interesting were the number of Sanders supporters who were there and completely supported our signs and agree that Clinton is a criminal who got off  It was a little painful to see some of them believing Sanders wouldn’t endorse her. They really thought he had the balls to stand up against everything his supporters despise in her.


It was a great day to protest the Clinton Crime Syndicate. It’s unfortunate that anyone feels it necessary TO protest her. If only laws weren’t just for us peasants.

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