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Absurdity under the Law….this is what happens when “equality” trumps Freedom

My gosh, how the Law is an *ss:

Scott Magee of Louisiana has sued McDonald’s, saying that its policy at some outlets of keeping a late-night drive-through window open after regular restaurant doors are locked violates the Americans with Disabilities Act by unlawfully excluding blind persons who cannot operate a vehicle. [Sun-Times/WMAQ, Chicago]

Words fail me – seriously, making this stupid suit simply because blind people can’t drive?  Sure, in the cities, there may be close-by stores that the blind could walk to but in more rural areas, you gotta drive or yer hoofin’ bipedal style it for a few miles.  This is even more stupid than putting Braille on drive up ATMs – what, the blind are driving up to them as well?  What will happen is that either:

  • the drive up window will close when they lock the doors – thus punishing the majority its patrons
  • the Court will order McDonalds to keep the “dine in” area to stay open, costing it any profit it may have gained by keeping a “late window” open and perhaps causing it to close all together from the switch of gaining a profit to running up a loss.
  • Given that the window is open late, do ya think there might be a safety reason why only the window is open and the doors locked?  Will McDonalds turn around and hold this money-grubbing Scott Magee responsible for any victims of crime?

No, this really is about uber-sleazy lawyers out for a quick buck for themselves and screw the rest of us.  In this, the only person that will profit is the craphead standing in the courtroom yelling “Justice” – and the folks just looking for a quick bite to eat will have to just keep driving by…


(H/T: Overlawyered)