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“BETRAYAL” – the word exit polls best describe the Republican Party

No GOPeWell, it looks like Donald Trump may take ALL of Indiana’s delegates right now (at the time of writing, with 73% of the vote in, Trump has 52.9% of the vote).  In listening to Fox News commentators and anchors, the word that has been consistent through out ALL of the states that when Republican primary voters agree to talk to the exit pollsters has been the word BETRAYAL.  A majority of voters believe that on all levels and in all meanings of the word and what can be done politically, the word BETRAYAL best describes how the leaders and elected officials of the GOP have treated them.

And then these leaders and elected officials are in absolute panic mode that Trump may take this?  That they take no responsibility of the utter shattering of the Party that is going on?  Sorry dudes and dudettes, but if the GOP had been doing the job it should have been doing, this wouldn’t have happened.  The TEA Party wouldn’t have happened either and after 7 short years, a TEA Partier will achieve second place in the Prez race (and many agree that if The Donald hadn’t run as a Black Swan event, Cruz might have taken it all) beating all of the erstwhile GOPe-ers.


Primarily, the GOPe hasn’t

fought for its own ideals and Principles. It refuses to fight for what is important to its members when it comes to all aspect of their lives (which is why a Party exists in the first place) and that includes not just fiscal matter (of which it gets a D rating at best) but the social ones as well (getting an F for totally ignoring social issues altogether and thus, letting the Democrats take the win AND THEN CLUB US WITH THEIR WIN).  THe GOPe doesn’t rally itself to totally defeat the Democrat agenda, but worse, rallies to defeat its own Principles.

Yet, it is expected, even with such failures (and I am trying to “write short” here) that the ordinary voter will “support” the Party and VOTE for it?  I ask “Why?”  Why should they?  If the Party apparatus doesn’t support them, why should they support it?  Especially when it legislates 180 degrees opposite on what they campaign and say they stand for?  Why should we vote for liars?

I don’t throw that out like The Donald – there are lots of perfectly good examples where Republicans haven’t kept their word:

  • Here in NH, I point out that old trustworthy, Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion. The Platform says the Party is against it – then the Party’s elected politicians lead the effort in the Senate to get it passed into law.
  • Here in NH, Article 22 protects Free Speech; the Republicans pass law to further restrict the freedom of political speech
  • At the national level, we hear that the Republicans are the Party of fiscal frugality – yet how have they stopped the national debt growing since taking control of the US House and then the US Senate.

For the latter, try this on for size:

In 6 Months Since Budget Deal: Debt Up More Than $1 Trillion

In the six months that have passed since then-retiring House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cut a budget deal with President Barack Obama that suspended the legal limit on the federal debt until March 15, 2017, the federal debt has increased by more than $1 trillion. The Senate passed “The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015” with a vote held in the early morning hours of Friday, Oct. 30. Obama signed it on Monday, Nov. 2.

At the close business on Oct. 30, 2015, the total federal debt was $18,152,981,685,747.52. By the close of business on April 28, 2016—the latest date for which the Treasury has published the number–the total federal debt was $19,186,207,744,589.55That is an increase of $1,033,226,058,842.03.

On Monday, Nov. 2–the day Obama signed the Bipartisan Budget Act and thus suspended the debt limit–the debt took a big leap. It closed that day at $18,492,091,120,833.99—up $339,109,435,086.47 from its $18,152,981,685,747.52 closing on Friday, Oct. 30.

And again, the Party says one thing, does another – and gets mad when its members won’t support it.  And I am betting that the GOP takes a pasting in November.  A more likely event, given that with Ted Cruz just announcing he is suspending his candidacy for President.  Maybe, it will be, maybe not.  I realized that as this primary shifted into second gear that NOBODY knew how this was going to turn out.  And if anyone thinks they do for November, laugh and make funny remarks in their general direction.  Mud might be nice, too (real mud).

I think it rather amusing – how the tides have changed.  It used to be that the GOPe would taunt the TEA Party – go ahead, form your own real Party: you’ll lose.  Now, seven short years later, we hear absolutely panic stricken GOPe-ers yammering about forming their own third Party over the fact that the populace has thrown their candidates over the side and into the dump.  Several good ones, too.  But such is the hatred and utter disdain that the Republican voters now have for those that have led the Party astray (and tainted those that really are innocent of the Party’s BETRAYALs)

I read an article recently that pointed out 5 things that the GOP should do to “rejuvenate” itself; I can do it in two:

  • Act your beliefs/principles and only them
  • Keep your promises

Two simple things.

Being the Stupid Party, I doubt they can even do that.