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Data Point – Living Standards: US vs the world

So why is it that our Leftist Political Class always wants us to be like other (more socialist) countries?  Dan Mitchell has the numbers:

“And here are the most recent numbers from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, showing “average individual consumption” for various member nations of that international bureaucracy.  The average for all OECD nations is 100, and the average for eurozone nations is 96, so the U.S. score of 147 illustrates how much better off Americans are than citizens of other countries.”

OECD-AIC-20121 Consumption Levels

As Dan Mitchell points out, policies, size of Govt, taxes and overall intrusive- ness and “nannyism” play big roles in the differences.  Economic Freedom is the among the leading indicators and in each study I have seen, the US has been going downhill steadily these last 7 years under the Obama Administration – and we know what kind of policies and outlook he has on the Free Marketplace (he’s slow motion strangling it).

(H/T: Instapundit)