Frankly, they're ALL daft and all too concerned with making victim of themselves - Granite Grok

Frankly, they’re ALL daft and all too concerned with making victim of themselves

feminismI don’t write much about the loonyness that is going on in the Ivory Tower (Ground Zero for the stupidity that is known as Political Correctness) – it just gets too bizarre that these precious snowflakes that seemingly haven’t had to work a second in their lives and pay taxes are all up in arms about what kind of victimhood mantle they’re about to don for their daily crybully sessions.  And it all seems to stem from “Intersectional Feminism”.

Yup, I kid you not – what might be the headspring of this river of nuttiness has been revealed.  Certainly this slicing and dicing and kvetching about which micro-identity group is at the top of the victim totem pole (er, black old fat lesbians, or is it young Asian guy with allergies) or bottom (well THAT’s easy – it’s me: old white evangelical male head honcho of the patriarchy or is it…heck, there’s already a few of microagressions in there just me trying to make a joke that someone will get all uppity about) or somewhere in the middle.  Heck, its all academic and they all get so whinny because like all things in Academia, since the stakes are so low, the resulting politics are stratospheric (as they think so, so highly of themselves and glorying in their sackcloth and ashes).

Sidenote – go ahead, accuse me of causing a micro-aggression.  If you’re going to label me for such, watch how fast I can escalate to a MACRO-aggression and really earn that title (don’t DOUBT me, oh thin skinned (and brained) one).

So anyways, here is a video of a real feminist (you know, a woman who has actually DONE something worthwhile and EARNED it – like our own Susan or Kimberly, or Carly Fiorina or (dare I say it?  Oh sure, make more tin-hatted nitwitted vacuum heads explode) Sarah Palin.  Or a bunch of other women not enthralled with this crap.  Powerline points us to a video by Christina Hoff Summer that may well knows where that wellspring and dysfunctionality started: