And another Obamacare man-made crisis bites the dust - yet another victim - Granite Grok

And another Obamacare man-made crisis bites the dust – yet another victim

We on this side of the aisle said this would happen:

Noshville co-owner says health care costs contributed to closure

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) -A day after Noshville co-owner Tom Loventhal announced the restaurant’s Midtown location on Broadway will close this month, he said he planned to close next year anyway.  Loventhal said Tuesday the restaurant would close in 2016 because of health insurance costs.

“Because we have more than 50 employees, one of the reasons we’re closing a little earlier is the Affordable Care Act,” Loventhal said. “If you have more than 50 full-time employees, you have to offer health insurance. It’s an unknown risk that I’m not willing to take because I don’t know what the cost is, but it’s significant. Even though I might be only paying 50 percent of it, I’m not in business to take a loss.”…

Gee,  it isn’t just individual Obamacare policy holders complaining that Obamacare is UNaffordable due to extremely high deductibles (even as the rest of us pay for their monthly premiums), we see another company die prematurely because “the rent cost is too damn high”.  Also, throw in “risk” as well – after all, “I’m not in business to take a loss”.

Funny thing, that – many Liberals / Democrats / Progressives / Socialists believe that companies exist to employ people; they don’t.  Even as they try, they keep running into that pesky truism that companies exist to make the owners money.  Nothing more but certainly no less.  And when employees become more expensive than the profit they generate, the job goes away (the reason why FDR’s Second Bill of Rights concerning a guaranteed job never made sense, either economically or in the real world.