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“Bend It” Like Henniker – The Town is in Court AGAIN!

“Where some animals are more equal than others…”

If you search GraniteGrok for ‘Henniker’ you will find a growing pile of content demonstrating how increasingly similar the people on the towns boards and committees are to the pigs in Animal Farm.

The latest example comes to me via our loyal reader Kathleen Labonte-LoFaro and involves the town building an access road through someone’s property while the property owner was away.

The town of Henniker wanted to build an access road to the cistern/water source that feeds the town proper. I’m not clear on the specifics but it appears that a property deed of the town planning board chair (at the time it was proposed) allowed or accommodated said access road.  Any right of way or access road would have been built on their property.  But the planning board chair did not want the access road on their property.

animal_farm-some-animals-are-more-equal-than-othersSo while an abutting neighbor was away, the town built the access road on the neighbors property.

The neighbor (Lorin D. Mulligan) took the town to court and a Jury was to hear the case this morning, starting at 10am.

Observers of Hennker do not expect Lorin to prevail as some “animals” are more equal than others and those would be the pigs running the town of Henniker.


Kathleen or other observers, please add additional names of those involved or amend in comments as necessary. Thanks.