GrokTALK! – the aftermath: Dr. Earl Metzler (“Earl of Metzler”) – Cronyism and Abusiveness?

Dr Earl Metzler IIIWe were talking with Jorge Mesa-Tejada this morning about the problem in the Timberlane/Hampstead School Districts (SAU 55) where it seems the School Board is being co-opted by an evil confluence of their relatively new Superintendent and NH School Board Association in that they are moving in a direction to limit free speech and the ability of voters and parents to seek redress of grievance and air their concerns to their elected representatives.  This is becoming, more and more, a situation seen around the state (e.g., the Gilford School Board has done the same thing – made itself rather unapproachable to those that elected them).

After Jorge (whom I have known for almost a decade now) sent us this quick blurp on the Earl of Metzler (Dr. Earl Metzler):

The superintendent’s name is Dr. Earl Metzler, III [LinkedIn here  -Skip].  His doctorate is brand new, from Walden University.

He hired his wife as Spanish consultant—no bid—for $50K.  This week, he hired the wife of the Timberlane BudCom(Jason Grosky, just defeated candidate for Rockingham County attorney)  as the new PR person for $18,000 contract.

This guy can keep a newspaper reporter busy for life!

This is the kind of guy that gives local governance a bad name – no problem in co-opting enemies or financially aiding friends??

Update: Jorge sends more stuff in:

Go to this blog  The author, Donna Green, is the board member that Metzler is trying to squash.  Nancy Steenson is the chair of the Timberlane SB; Rob Collins is the past chair and current attack dog.  You won’t believe what you read, especially what Metzler did in response to the BudCom request to lower the budget: close the Sandown Elementary School (4th- 5th  grades).  Sandown is the town that Donna Green represents!

He also adds the links to the Girard At Large radio show on which he has spoken as well: