NH Speaker of the House Race – incoming rumors

by Skip

NH Voters Embraced ‘O’Brien’ Budget & Agenda in 2014“: Attention: newly elected Conservative & Libertarian leaning NH House Republicans considering for whom to cast their votes for Repubs Bill O’Brien, Gene Chandler, or Lori Sanborn:

  • NEW: “Also, I have heard that Merrill, Duprey, Ayotte, Guinta, and Benson are working on a joint letter in support of Chandler.”

Turning out to be the Establishment vs the grassroots, all over again….capitalizing on the Democrat demonization of him, eh?

  • Is it the case that Gene Chandler is amassing support for himself only to say at the very last moment “I am stepping aside to give Laurie Sanborn ‘her time” – switch your votes to her” so as to “lock out” Bill O’Brien?
  • Why is US Senator Kelly Ayotte going to go all out in campaigning AGAINST Bill O’Brien?

Why are we ONLY hearing rumored actions against O’Brien?  Are these alleged actions  just furtherance of the Establishment NH GOP utter disdain for the grassroots? Is this a preemptive strike to protect  of what the Establishment Republicans did this past session: enacted Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion (and the incipient broad based sales / income tax needed to support it if not quashed)?  Why is the Establishment (Re: John Sununu Sr) of a Repub that actually governed and achieved the most important Republican principle of all – a more limited government with a smaller budget?  Why would the Establishment fearfully fighting against Bill O’Brien as Speaker?  I think this from my interview with Bill O’Brien back in 2011 says it all:

 “…the main emphasis of NH Speaker of the House Bill O’Brien, that his main role was to devolve power from Concord and send it back to the citizens and next level down of government and to individual citizens:”

 No wonder why the Democrats and Establishment Republicans fight him so much – their take is that only Government is smart enough to run things.”

Answer: diminishment of Power to be wielded by them.  Why else would Republicans be fighting this except to keep that Power for themselves?  It SHOULD be here with us, the individuals!

Those three mentioned are running for Speaker of the House (election on 11/18) – the most important political position in the State so I’m not surprised that rumors are inbound that the Establishment is working hard from behind the scenes.  Given what we have seen the last few years, I’m not surprised that Papa Smurf (John Sununu Sr) & the 5 families are loath to give up Power in any shape or form and watched this not only under the Concord Dome but within the NH GOP itself.

Once again, we are seeing the “usual” that The Power Behind The Throne desires the Conservative grassroots’ passion, our activity, our organizations, and our votes…

…but not access to their power or donors.  It seems that Power is their entitlement and have become like those in the entitlement society – refuse to give it up even though it is at the expense of others.  Or Principles, in this case, truth be told.

Steve is right: even though the Democrats demonized Bill ‘Brien during his Speaker tenure, he accomplished what current Republicans haven’t in a long time – done what he said he would.  Put aside the “bedside manner” – results count.  They demonized him not only for being a Republican but more for being an EFFECTIVE Republican.  While it is too early to say much on Laurie Sanborn it is clear that Gene Chandler, given his shots, has ever fully achieved the results in his many years that O’Brien did in two?

Keep in mind the distinction:

  • Bill O’Brien is one that believes that a Republican can and should be measured by their actions
  • Gene Chandler believes that being a good Republican is a simple as just tacking an R after their names: actions play no role at all

(actual quote: “Anyone with an ‘R’ after their name is a good Republican”).

Compromise?  New Democrat Translation: Capitulation (re: we lost big, but you still need to capitulate to our agenda).

Remember that when you hear the words “bipartisanship” and “working across the aisle”.  We at GraniteGrok want REPUBLICAN (true Republican ones and not the faux ones that Establishment Rs mouth) ideals put into action – stand up with bold colors and act.

After all, NH Voters gave a large thumbs up to Bill O’Brien’s agenda and his budget after enduring the last session under Democrat control.  Democrats made Bill O’Brien their number one campaign issue – and NH voters agreed – voting for Republicans again.  No, he is not the “scary stay away” person that I am hearing from some NH Reps (“They won’t vote for us again!”).  Look at the evidence – VOTERS VOTED FOR BILL O’BRIEN AND HIS AGENDA!!!!

The results say, both here in NH, that voters WANT the Republican agenda – and here in NH, no one typifies that than the results achieved under Bill O’Brien’s Speakership.  Oh, and remember this – Voters here in NH totally rejected the NH GOP Establishment hand picked candidates at the top of the ticket.

Let that also be a lesson.

SideNote: Yes, I ‘edited’ Steve’s title of his post linked to at the top of this post.

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