NH Speaker of the House Race – incoming rumors

by Skip

NH Voters Embraced ‘O’Brien’ Budget & Agenda in 2014“: Attention: newly elected Conservative & Libertarian leaning NH House Republicans considering for whom to cast their votes for Repubs Bill O’Brien, Gene Chandler, or Lori Sanborn:

  • NEW: “Also, I have heard that Merrill, Duprey, Ayotte, Guinta, and Benson are working on a joint letter in support of Chandler.”

Turning out to be the Establishment vs the grassroots, all over again….capitalizing on the Democrat demonization of him, eh?

  • Is it the case that Gene Chandler is amassing support for himself only to say at the very last moment “I am stepping aside to give Laurie Sanborn ‘her time” – switch your votes to her” so as to “lock out” Bill O’Brien?
  • Why is US Senator Kelly Ayotte going to go all out in campaigning AGAINST Bill O’Brien?

Why are we ONLY hearing rumored actions against O’Brien?  Are these alleged actions  just furtherance of the Establishment NH GOP utter disdain for the grassroots? Is this a preemptive strike to protect  of what the Establishment Republicans did this past session: enacted Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion (and the incipient broad based sales / income tax needed to support it if not quashed)?  Why is the Establishment (Re: John Sununu Sr) of a Repub that actually governed and achieved the most important Republican principle of all – a more limited government with a smaller budget?  Why would the Establishment fearfully fighting against Bill O’Brien as Speaker?  I think this from my interview with Bill O’Brien back in 2011 says it all:

 “…the main emphasis of NH Speaker of the House Bill O’Brien, that his main role was to devolve power from Concord and send it back to the citizens and next level down of government and to individual citizens:”

 No wonder why the Democrats and Establishment Republicans fight him so much – their take is that only Government is smart enough to run things.”

Answer: diminishment of Power to be wielded by them.  Why else would Republicans be fighting this except to keep that Power for themselves?  It SHOULD be here with us, the individuals!

Those three mentioned are running for Speaker of the House (election on 11/18) – the most important political position in the State so I’m not surprised that rumors are inbound that the Establishment is working hard from behind the scenes.  Given what we have seen the last few years, I’m not surprised that Papa Smurf (John Sununu Sr) & the 5 families are loath to give up Power in any shape or form and watched this not only under the Concord Dome but within the NH GOP itself.

Once again, we are seeing the “usual” that The Power Behind The Throne desires the Conservative grassroots’ passion, our activity, our organizations, and our votes…

…but not access to their power or donors.  It seems that Power is their entitlement and have become like those in the entitlement society – refuse to give it up even though it is at the expense of others.  Or Principles, in this case, truth be told.

Steve is right: even though the Democrats demonized Bill ‘Brien during his Speaker tenure, he accomplished what current Republicans haven’t in a long time – done what he said he would.  Put aside the “bedside manner” – results count.  They demonized him not only for being a Republican but more for being an EFFECTIVE Republican.  While it is too early to say much on Laurie Sanborn it is clear that Gene Chandler, given his shots, has ever fully achieved the results in his many years that O’Brien did in two?

Keep in mind the distinction:

  • Bill O’Brien is one that believes that a Republican can and should be measured by their actions
  • Gene Chandler believes that being a good Republican is a simple as just tacking an R after their names: actions play no role at all

(actual quote: “Anyone with an ‘R’ after their name is a good Republican”).

Compromise?  New Democrat Translation: Capitulation (re: we lost big, but you still need to capitulate to our agenda).

Remember that when you hear the words “bipartisanship” and “working across the aisle”.  We at GraniteGrok want REPUBLICAN (true Republican ones and not the faux ones that Establishment Rs mouth) ideals put into action – stand up with bold colors and act.

After all, NH Voters gave a large thumbs up to Bill O’Brien’s agenda and his budget after enduring the last session under Democrat control.  Democrats made Bill O’Brien their number one campaign issue – and NH voters agreed – voting for Republicans again.  No, he is not the “scary stay away” person that I am hearing from some NH Reps (“They won’t vote for us again!”).  Look at the evidence – VOTERS VOTED FOR BILL O’BRIEN AND HIS AGENDA!!!!

The results say, both here in NH, that voters WANT the Republican agenda – and here in NH, no one typifies that than the results achieved under Bill O’Brien’s Speakership.  Oh, and remember this – Voters here in NH totally rejected the NH GOP Establishment hand picked candidates at the top of the ticket.

Let that also be a lesson.

SideNote: Yes, I ‘edited’ Steve’s title of his post linked to at the top of this post.

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  • balencesto

    Bill O’Brien is a douchebag – plain and simple. The thinking members of the NH Republican party know this and hopefully will be successful in seeing that he never occupy the Speaker’s seat again.

    • Name-calling – the only thing socialists have left (I include the half-assed Republicans in that description).
      As Limbaugh put it on Wednesday, the election was about standing athwart history yelling STOP!
      Stop Obama, Stop big government, Stop the socialist takeover of this, the only true PEOPLES’ Republic in the world!
      We, The People, want real champions of our values.

      • balencesto

        It’s not that I’m averse to yelling STOP! It’s that I’m averse to . . .

        1) Former violators of NH F&G laws introducing bills that would legalize their unethical acts.

        2) Idiots who don’t understand education introducing bills that would remove all Arts, Foreign Language, Health and PE and Technology courses from the definition of an “adequate education” in the state of New Hampshire.

        3) Idiots introducing bills that would mandate all future laws find their origin in the Magna Carta.

        4) A spoiled brat House Speaker having a hissy-fit and barring one particular journalistic entity from having any contact with him just because he disagrees with the paper’s political bent.

        All four of the above things – and so many more like them – happened under the first O’Brien speakership. Thinking people would not like to see them happening again.

        But let that go. Go ahead and humor me, Mike Rogers . . . defend any of the four examples I mentioned above – if you can.

        • ILost

          Are you saying that Speaker OBrian did these? #4, sounds like pretty much every politician at all levels.

          • balencesto

            All of these things happened under HIS watch. And I don’t know a single politician who has shut out one particular journalistic entity besides O’Brien. And don’t saw Obama/FOX news because he’s been interviewed by Bill O’Reilly more than once.

          • D’ohbama

            “Happened under his watch”, not by him? He just allowed something to be voted on?
            This “journalistic entity” did they quote him out of context, misrepresent his words or something? I’m asking because I don’t know what you are referring to.

            Oh, to go along with your “peaker” problem did you really mean “…saw Obama” or was that just a typo.

        • Proof? Links?
          As for shutting out a hostile news organization, check out the PMS (protective minion syndrome) of the Brown and Havenstein camps.

        • Don

          So I take it you didn’t vote for Obama in 2012.

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  • I don’t know what Kelly Ayotte might or might not be doing about the Speaker race. But she needs more than the GOP “grassroots” to win re-election in 2016, and she doubtless anticipates that O’Brien’s name will be attached to hers during her campaign— and not necessarily in a good way.

    • Dear Timmy,
      The Bill O’Brien name was compared with the Democrat agenda, and the Dems lost big!
      Real Republicans stand for bold principles – Chandler lost his long ago, and Ayotte is losing hers.
      Go Bill!

      • Of the 4 GOP candidates at the top of the ticket only one– Marilinda Garcia– has had anything at all to do with O’Brien in the past. Even she rarely if ever mentioned the fact that she was one of his allies in the NH House. And she lost by a landslide, in what was a good year for Republicans in general. Havenstein & Brown were both out of state during O’Brien’s one term as Speaker, and Guinta stayed away from O’Brien. The only times I remember Guinta and O’Brien even being in the same room at the same time were once when Guinta sat in the balcony for a few minutes during a House session day and another time when they both attended the NH Liberty Alliance’s annual dinner.

        • balencesto

          Hate to say this Groksters, but Timmer is correct on this one. If you recall, the only times Ms. Garcia seemed awkward or unsure of what to say were the times during the recent debates where she was asked directly about O’Brien. Apparently the one thing she did wrong in a campaign that was otherwise excellent in my opinion, was to not distance herself from the likes of Bill O’Brien.

          • El wrongo, ol’ Bal-o: The only reason Garcia got as much support as she did was because of her strong conservative voting record. She had some enemies because she took a principled stand against gambling, even though she hailed from Salem.
            Garcia took a while to warm up on the campaign trail – if she runs again she’ll do much better.

        • KAMGlosta

          NHDP tried to use O’Brien’s ‘agenda’ to gain seats in NH House… and failed miserably.

    • JP

      Ayotte is in for a world of hurt in 2016 because she has thus far badly betrayed the conservative/pro liberty base with her particularly offensive votes against 4A/5A. Her vote for AmNasty and the fact that she had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the correct decision on Toomey-Manchin (RKBA)…..lets not forget her opposition to Castle doctrine as AG under fLynch……..now she’s stammering on about having to work with Dems after voters overwhelmingly tossed liberals on their heads last week? WTF?

      If the Dems are smart they’ll drag Lynch out of retirement to run against her and she will lose spectacularly because she’s repeatedly betrayed the party platform….but lets be frank here……Ayotte is going to lose because she’s voted as a progressive for the last 4+ years instead of a conservative.

      • Or, as Rush Limbaugh said of Scott Brown: (s)he lost YEARS ago.

        I also remember John E Sununu vs Shaheen he abandoned the base, but still gave the Dems eough to demonize him with.

        THIS is what we get when we allow the state Party (The Gnome) to double-cross actual conservatives like Bob Smith in 2002 and install their hand-picked, malleable candidates, or in this case, practice pure nepotism.

  • simplulo

    Do the procedures allow for Approval Voting? It would avoid vote-splitting, and prevent tactics to “lock out” anyone. Kelly Ayotte herself owes her primary victory to vote-splitting.

  • Alan

    How does one go about helping Mr. O’Brian win? I am not familliar with how the peaker is chosen. Does the entire house vote or just the Republican members?

    • balencesto

      Gee Alan . . . I’m not sure how the “PEAKER” is chosen either. But perhaps that discussion is on another thread . . . this one’s about choosing the “SPEAKER.”

      • sb

        I’m sure you never made a typo, either, correct?

    • granitegrok

      Only the NH House Representatives vote in the NH Speaker race. Both Parties participate but usually it is the majority Party that ends up selecting the winner. However, when there are factions within that Majority Party (e.g., Conservatives vs left leaning moderates in the Republican Party), there have been times when deals are cut with the “other side”. Such a moderate, Doug Scammon of the GOP, double-crossed his Party and cut a deal with the Democrats to become the Speaker.
      While you / we cannot vote, you CAN call your House reps and tell them what you would like them to do (whether they do so is another thing, but it would be REALLY nice to see how they did!).

      • Alan

        Thanks for the information!
        I will be careful in the future to avoid typo’s that might offend alncestro.

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  • JP

    Some folks are missing the point.

    GOP Candidates as a whole who were big gov progressives with an “R” before their names and abandoned/ignored/chastised the Conservative/Pro Liberty Base lost by significant to spectacular margins.

    Same thing happened in 2008 with fmr Sen Sununu when he was challenged by Shaheen…….Sununu had ticked off the base by voting for a large number of big gov establishment bills and barely won the GOP primary with 50% of the vote…….he lost the confidence of the base and in doing so lost the election……

    Fast forward to 2010……most pols including Ayotte, Guinta and Bass got swept (back) into office on the tea party/conservative/pro liberty wave

    Fast forward once again to 2014 and we have GOP progressives betraying the conservative/pro liberty base and what happens?……they lose………

    When is Horn/NHGOP going to learn that putting up big gov progressive candidates that betray the NGGOP party platform isn’t going to win them elections.

  • Obama said “my policies ARE on the ballot, and these people supported me”, and to the great horror of the Dems, voters believed him, and they lost – big.

    NH Dems said “Bill O’Brien and his policies are on the ballot, and these people support him”, and to the great horror of the NH Dems, voters believed them, and the Dems lost – big.

    Translation – Given the choice between Obama/Democrat policies and Republican/O’Brien policies, voters were undeterred by the specter of O’Brien, and embraced his policies.

    Principles, trust, support – that is O’Brien and conservatism.
    If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything – GOP establishment.
    hen the evil is unmasked, voters will flee – Democrats and suffocating government/debt.

  • stevenb

    May we now call our junior senator Ayamnesty?

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  • Don

    The Republicans won at the state the House big time, gained seats in the Senate, and took the executive council. Yet the Republicans lost 3 out of four at the top of the ticket when the top of the ticket usually decides state races. They lost those seats because Democrats significantly out spent Republicans in CD2 and because both Brown and Haventstein were outsiders who never should have been in the race in the first place. The Republicans flushed any chance they had of winning with those two. Newsflash to the Republican party, anyone you run will be characterized by Democrats as an “Extremist” and the media will be complicit in it. Scott Brown a Tea Party far right wing Extremist? Walt “Tea Bagger” Havenstein a Tea Party far right wing Extremist? LOL! It doesn’t matter who Republicans run they’ll still be faced with the same Democrat demagoguery and media complicity. Stop capitulating, grow a spine, and point out what hyper-partisanship it clearly is. You will win your base, you will win conservative leaning Independents (who make up the majority of Independents), and elections. Or you can chose to be perpetual losers…

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