Dover and a link from Refugee Settlement Watch - Granite Grok

Dover and a link from Refugee Settlement Watch

In response to our post on Dover having to receive 3000 “refugees” being plopped here courtesy of our kind, caring Federal Government (that Democrats said that “Government is the only thing we all belong to” (no choice at’all)), a new blog to me sent a link:  Refugee Settlement Watch and they did a commentary on our post – so we are far from being alone on this:

Forget what you hear about local communities having no say, whether tiny historic Dover or surrounding towns will become new resettlement sites for Africans, Asians and Middle Easterners will all depend on the turnout and the questions asked (and answers given!) at an upcoming public meeting scheduled for Dover city hall August 13th, 7 p.m.

The US State Department, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (in HHS) (yes, the same agency moving the illegal alien children around the country) and their contractors and subcontractors are running into “pockets of resistance” in already overloaded communities around the country and are out scouting for new fresh territory (like Athens, GA as well).

The federal government likes to intimidate (bully!) communities with this notion that they decide (from Washington) where to move the literally over one hundred thousand “refugees” entering the US every year, but they won’t move them to new communities where its citizens demand answers to the all important questions:  Who pays for all of this? Where will they work? Who is going to pay for all the children’s education? Do we have enough low-cost subsidized housing for our own people? What other social services will they require? How many foreign language interpreters are available in our criminal justice system?  Can our health department handle a flood of mental health problems and communicable diseases? (HIV-AIDS and TB cases are admitted to the US in the refugee program) When will it stop?

In answer to that last question, it won’t!  Once a seed community is established the contractors are paid by the head to bring in the family members.  At that point,

 if some in your community raise a warning flag, they will be called racists, xenophobes and bigots—and just plain cruel to oppose reuniting the poor families.

If you don’t believe me about that–that it will never end—just ask the Mayors of Lewiston, Maine, Manchester, NH, Amarillo, Texas, Lynn, Massachusetts and Springfield, Massachusetts.

Before I go any further, here is the news I heard yesterday:  First from The GraniteGrok (3,000 to go to Dover!), a New Hampshire blog (hat tip: Richard) and then here in Foster’s Daily Democrat (hat tip: Joanne).

To prepare for this public meeting (you have 18 days!).  This is what I would do (in no particular order):

Go read it – some good stuff!  It seems another confirmation of what Conservatives (at least this one) have been saying for years: Progressives using the force of Government to further crowd out the normal role of Civil Society.  Obama’s Administration has decided that we:

  • Don’t know about the worldwide problem because we don’t see ourselves as “Citizens of the World”
  • We’re bitter clingers that are too cheap and too flint-hearted
  • They can and SHOULD make these kinds of decisions for us – and further “redistribute” our wealth to the poor (of their choosing) by walking away.

How “charitable” of  our Overlords, as nothing says “We Care!” like just dropping a whole bunch of people into a situation they may not like (right – folks from a tropical clime into a NH Winter; that sounds about right for typical Government work) onto people that are already struggling themselves and then walk away after shutting off their financial faucets and tritely say “Hey, you’re all kind people – take care of them!” as they blithely stroll out of town….never caring what happens afterwards.

OK, I kid.  The Federal Govt doesn’t care about the towns themselves – but they DO care about their mission and in this Administration, it’s just a bonus to be able to satisfy Obama’s main mission – fundamentally transform America’s character and redistribute its wealth to others.  After all, nothing says “America is now #1” by making it #100.

Just as long as all these people aren’t quartered in their towns and homes.  Progressives – using the innate sense of charity most Americans have against them -and never admitting that’s what’s going on.  After all, it’s all about making other people doing the work that makes them feel good about themselves, isn’t it?

THEN they wonder why that rebellious spirit that is also part of the American Heritage comes bubbling up – and locks in on them like it did to the Redcoats????