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Democrats take care of their base; Republicans attack theirs

El Rushbo brings up the differences on how the Democrats take care of their base vs how the Republicans treat theirs:

(H/T: Breitbart-TV)      

EIB-LogoI think I’ve come to grips with the fact that this is not the Republican Party I grew up in. This is not the Republican Party that automatically… Look, where has the opposition to Obama been? Where’s the push-back been?

In my lifetime, we’ve never had a greater opportunity to contrast the supposed differences in the two parties than last 5-1/2 years. We have Big Government, we have expansive, we have the redistribution of wealth, we’ve got liberalism on steroids — and it’s not just theoretical anymore. It’s real, it’s happening, and it’s destroying things. Where’s the push-back? Where is the contrast? Where is the Republican Party saying, “No, this is not the answer. The answer is the exact opposite of this”?

It would be so easy to say.

It happens to be true.

It’s exactly what the Republican Party base wants to hear. You see all these stories every day. I’ll give you another illustration of this. Every day, ladies and gentlemen — I don’t care what the story is, be it the impeachment of Obama or immigration, you name it — the focal point of every story in the media is what the Democrats are doing to keep their base happy, what the Democrats are doing to get their base out.

Even if it includes tricking the Republicans into impeaching Obama, even if it includes amnesty for illegals or what have you. If it includes making it sound like every woman needs a birth control pill 25 times a day, whatever it is, everything they’re doing is oriented toward turning out their base. Do you ever see such stories about the Republicans? You don’t.

The stories you see about the Republicans and their base is how they are embarrassed by their base. You see stories about the Republicans and their base and it’s about how they’re trying to avoid their base or about how they don’t want their base (i.e., the Tea Party). You never see stories about the Republican Party doing what it can to solidify its base. It seems like everything the Republican Party’s doing either is intended to (or it just happens to) provoke their base.

On the other hand, every story about the Democrats and their base is how the Democrats are trying to please them, to stoke them, fire ’em up, keep ’em happy, get ’em it turned out. You never see that about the Republicans, and you would if the Republicans were actually opposed to what’s going on. Now, could well be that they are, they’re just afraid to say so, and that may hold a grain of truth, too.

Don’t forget, Obama’s race acts as a great paralyzer. It just shuts down any legitimate criticism. People are afraid that it’s gonna be chalked up to racism. It’s gonna be discounted, ridiculed, personalized and then people are just terrified. So they shut up. But regardless. Whatever the reason, there is no push-back. There is no opposition. There is no effort to contrast the difference in the two parties, and the Republicans do not make it look like they’re interested in their base being happy.