Democrats and the Constitution? - Granite Grok

Democrats and the Constitution?

democrats hate the Constitution

Just like the back row Baptists I’ve known over the years.  Sure, they can rattle off Scripture with the best of them (mostly….ok, some) but come the non-Sunday “life”, one would be hardpressed to tell the difference between them and a run-of-the-mill non-attender.  They may have to mouth the “Letter” but not the “Spirit” or real meanings behind the words.

So, too, Democrats – they may be able to quote the words but fail to implement the “spirit” or philosophy behind it – that Government is not meant to be the “all in all” and provide for all needs and obviate all bad consequences.  Remember, they said it – NH State Rep. Sandra Keans (R, now D):

I don’t try to justify anything by the Constitution, it’s not my job and I don’t want to do it”.

Why the disconnect?  Viewed from the wrong viewpoint, both the Bible and Constitution point out what should NOT be done – they point out that there are standards to be lived up to and both the back row Baptists (in life) and Democrats (in governance) hate to be judged by any standard, especially foundational ones (the Bible in Christianity and the Constitution in governing).  But viewed from a different perspective, both show a better way to live – more life, more freedom, and more joyous.

But then again, neither will understand that last line.