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CEO of Simon & Schuster A Hillary Supporter

hillaryThe president and CEO of Simon and Schuster had to have been one of the people who signed off on Hillary Clinton’s fourteen million dollar book deal pay-day; a book that is being summarily trashed; a book tour that is being ridiculed.

But when you’ve got a thing for the candidate….

Carolyn Reidy, former manager at CBS, and current president and CEO of Simon & Schuster, is a Hillary Supporter.  When Mrs. Bill Clinton ran in 2008 Ms. Reidy made at least three donations totaling $2,300.00 dollars to Hillary Clinton for President.  I’m sure as a manager at CBS, a period that has overlapped her leadership at S&S, she provides input on the standard media in-kind contribution to politicians she favors.  Maybe?

Whatever the relationship, Reidy can’t be the only stiff in S&S leadership who has a thing for Hillary. Fourteen Million? They think America likes her that much?

Bubble. Big bubble.

Broken bubble?

Hillary’s book appears destined to be an incredibly bad publishing bet.

I wonder if any of the investors with Simon & Schuster will question the “Hard Choices” that lead to such a large advance on such a thin topic; Hillary’s “accomplishments” as Secretary of State.   The State Department can’t name oneThe average Democrat’s Democrat can’t name oneThe people buying her book can’t name one.

Wait. I just thought of one. How about getting Simon & Schuster to pay her fourteen million dollars for a book deal?

Fourteen million dollars tiresome tome from the woman who lied about her husband’s infidelities. Who tried to cover them up to protect her grip on political power.  The woman named after a famous explorer who wasn’t famous until well after she’d been named.  The Girl who came under sniper fire, then didn’t.  The Obama flunky who lead the chorus that blamed the slaughter of one her own ambassadors on a YouTube video no one had ever seen– to hide her ignorance of a well-orchestrated terror attack no one in her employ (or the Obama Administration) was prepared for, expected, or could even explain, even weeks (months, years) after it happened.

That Hillary Clinton.  Fourteen million?

Talk about cloistered publishers.  If even one of them lived outside the progressive media bubble, they’d have had the sense to question paying fourteen million for the equivalent of a diary on failed foreign policy that has been unrevealing as faster as her spin doctors could wind it back up.  Someone whose only accomplishment so far may be marrying Bill Clinton, a man who has been cheating on her relentlessly ever since.

Or was her biggest accomplishment being out victim-classed by Barack Obama in 2008?

Flip a coin.