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The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau vs small shopkeepers

So, who protects us against Government?

CFPB logoThis new “Bureau”, the CFPB was created as a result of Dodd-Frank (which both Jeanne Shaheen and Scott Brown voted for).  Like Obamacare’s IFAB (aka, “the death panel”), Progressives made sure that it is beyond Congressional oversight and accountability by stacking its members by appointment only.  Dodd-Frank also “buried” it into the lairs of the Federal Reserve so it is protected against the normal checks and balances that good government should have.  While its mission is to “protect the little people” from the “evil banks and corporations”, who is to protect us from it? (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Federal officials have ignored six small businesses on the ground floor next to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new headquarters, refusing to share information about the building’s renovation or the future of their shops.  The shopkeepers’ fears are warranted, because CFPB’s renovation blueprints assume the businesses will be forced to leave in the bureau’s $136 million project.  The sight of CFPB officials forcing out independent shopkeepers may not sit well with Congress, which created the bureau in 2010 to protect consumers and small businesses in the marketplace.

What is a small handful of individual when your Government needs what it wants?  We know what we need, so why should it be so important to treat those folks with dignity, those whose livings and beings may be totally destroyed?  Some eggs must necessarily be broken so that we can serve the greater good, right?  After all, we have a mission to plan and carry out!

…Many of the store owners fear they will lose their entire life’s savings when CFPB begins demolition of the interior of the building, which is in the 1700 block of G Street near the White House.  Only the Treasury Department Federal Credit Union is slated to remain in its present location after the renovation is completed.

…Many of the owners have successfully operated their stores for decades. They are often packed during the lunch hour by federal employees from the surrounding neighborhood.  Among the shops headed for closing by the CFPB project is a popular coffee house that first opened for business in the nation’s capital in 1916. It has been at the CFPB site for 20 years

Thus we see another example of Government taking care of Government but not the citizens it is supposed to serve?  Anyone else seeing the same tipping point: that we who give our consent  to a Government to govern to a Government that is morphing into one that puts itself to be preeminent?




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