The Scourge Of Regional Planning Simplified...Almost - Granite Grok

The Scourge Of Regional Planning Simplified…Almost

pencilsDemocrats lied to pass ObamaCare and continue to lie as it fails on all points because it could never be anything more than a big unwieldy machine that denied you choices.  ObamaCare took what worked for you, made it unworkable, then forced you to find a way to comply.

And while we can debate just how much it intervenes between you and your doctor, or your hospital, its biggest abuse is that it intervened between you and your ability to decide these things without having to dance to some pencil-pusher’s broken tune.  A dirge played by an unreachable, unelected, faceless bureaucracy.  A solution that will leave more people uninsured than before we had it, and everyone else worse off for the trouble.

Regional planning Commissions the RPC’s, are like ObamaCare but for everything else.

There is no limit to the lengths to which they will eventually intervene between you and what used to be the mundane features of your day-to-day.

Their mission is to regulate everything and to do so by going around your elected officials, town and county governments, and even your state legislature.

And yes, Democrats overwhelmingly embrace the RPC’s as they did ObamaCare.  Democrats defend the lies of the RPC’s as they defended the lies of ObamaCare.   They do it because separating you from individual liberty, also known as separating you from the freedom to make your own choices (whil having you pay for that privelage), is a singular goal of the progressive agenda.  Progressives don’t want to have to worry about going directly to the people whose money they intend to spend–people who might object to being fleeced.  The Planning commissions are on their side, dependent on government for their power and resources.  They are compliant cogs in a machine designed to consume your property in increasing quantities to feed itself.

If you retain any ability to questions its methods, motives, costs, or lack of efficiency, you might slow down their idea of progress.  You might discover that there are not just one or two things but dozens of things that you can do, and do more cheaply, even things you don’t need done at all, without the big, unresponsive layers of bureaucrats the state has erected like bodyguards between you and an actual elected official.  (And your local elected officials might be interested in how RPC’s remove them from the planning process intentionally.)

ObamaCare is the nexus of state ‘Regional Planning Commissions’ that add layers of bureaucrats to manage your insurance, define what care you need, how you will get it or not get it, where you can and cannot go to get care, from whom, at what price, with what frequency, through wha delivery system, all subject to rejection at any time by some nameless, faceless, bureaucrat.  Scores of boards and commissions manged by an appointed expert who is more likely some Democrat dolt who was either next in line to run something, or simple bundled a lot of campaign donations.  See also, Democrats definition of ‘an expert.’

Distant politicians will pretend to care, and when forced–for display purposes only–add more government to ensure that even they cannot undo the damage.

There is some small hope that we can stop this process with Health care.  There is still significant opportunity to prevent it from the Regional Planning Commissions.

You must continue (or begin to) challenge the RPC’s about their funding, their mandate, their connections to Federal bureaucrats, and their agenda to cut you out of the conversation when it comes to your local issues including property ownership, water rights, and housing and development.