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192 Knee-Jerk ,Cell-Phone Banning Nannies

Nanny stateHB1360 (Relative to using certain electronic devices while driving) is HB1117’s cell phone ban twin, and 192 New Hampshire House reps voted in favor of it last week, even though there is no evidence it would make any difference–unless inconveniencing everyone, all the time, was the difference they were hoping to make.

NHTSA – Most crashes involve a relatively unique set of circumstances that make precise calculations of risk for engaging in different behaviors very difficult. Thus, the available research does not provide a definitive answer as to which behavior is riskier.

HB1360 is a confluence of intrusive ideas motivated by the Progressive desire to limit behavior, based–as is typical for knee-jerk liberals–on emotion and not evidence.

CNN 2010– A new study suggests laws banning the use of hand-held devices while driving have not reduced the rate of accidents in three states and the District of Columbia.

In addition to the nation’s capital, the report by the Highway Loss Data Institute reviews insurance claims in New York, Connecticut and California. It also compares the data to other areas that do not have cell phone bans.

Followed by this…

ScienceMag.org 2012– You can take the driver away from the cell phone, but you can’t take the risky behavior away from the driver. That’s the conclusion of a new study, which finds that people who talk on their phones while driving may already be unsafe drivers who are nearly as prone to crash with or without the device. The findings may explain why laws banning cell phone use in motor vehicles have had little impact on accident rates.

The New Hampshire state police cannot confirm exactly how many fatal accidents were the result of distraction, but the ‘guesstimate’ is just under 3 in 10.  Of those three they cannot tell you what distraction caused them.   Cell phones may have not been a factor at all.

Approximately 2.6 in 10 motor vehicle deaths in NH (as an average) involve motorcycles, nearly identical to those of all deaths credited to distraction.

While young drivers are a major target of most banning legislation almost 8 out of 10 deaths (on average) in New Hampshire are adults (young and old), with alcohol and speed being the two biggest factors in a significant majority of motor-vehicle fatalities–quite often at the bottom of a tree.

Now.  We have plenty of laws relating to speed and impairment.   We have a texting ban–deemed ineffective and almost unenforceable.  There is, on the books, a distracted driving law.  Cell phone use as a major distraction that results in injury or death is not conclusive.  Bans on cell phones do not work.  People prone to distraction by phones are equally prone to distraction without phones.  And as I have observed in the past, conversation has long been identified as equally distracting whether it be on a phone or with one or more passengers.

No one is suggesting we ban car-pooling or passengers.  We won’t be banning trees or drinking.  We cannot spend trillions to police every inch of road to enforce speed limits, texting bans, or well-intentioned but pointless and ill-conceived bans on cell phone use.  And the data suggest the bans do not work.

We also know that vehicle related fatalities rise and fall in a predictable range in the Granite State, and in the years when we are closer to 90 as opposed to 130, no one is blaming cell phones for the sudden dearth in deaths.  There will never be an appeal to roll back the bans once put in place.

So the New Hampshire State Senate should vote down HB 1360.

All it does is inconvenience everyone for no demonstrable gain.

There is also the risk that it only exists because the Democrat’s Federal masters desire it.  Banning phones is on the progressive docket.

Here in New Hampshire, One hundred and sixty Democrats and thirty-two Republicans voted in favor of just such a ban.  Here they are.

Rep Party County District Vote
Abrami, Patrick Republican Rockingham 19 Yea
Aguiar, James Democrat Grafton 7 Yea
Alicea, Caroletta Democrat Merrimack 8 Yea
Allen, Mary Republican Rockingham 15 Yea
Almy, Susan Democrat Grafton 13 Yea
Ames, Richard Democrat Cheshire 9 Yea
Bailey, Brad Republican Grafton 14 Yea
Bartlett, Christy Democrat Merrimack 19 Yea
Beaulieu, Jane Democrat Hillsborough 45 Yea
Belanger, Ronald Republican Rockingham 8 Yea
Benn, Bernard Democrat Grafton 12 Yea
Berch, Paul Democrat Cheshire 1 Yea
Berube, Roger Democrat Strafford 18 Yea
Bixby, Peter Democrat Strafford 17 Yea
Borden, David Democrat Rockingham 24 Yea
Bouchard, Candace Democrat Merrimack 18 Yea
Briden, Steven Democrat Rockingham 18 Yea
Brown, Pamela Democrat Hillsborough 31 Yea
Brown, Rebecca Democrat Grafton 2 Yea
Burke, Rachel Democrat Strafford 2 Yea
Burtis, Elizabeth Democrat Rockingham 6 Yea
Butler, Edward Democrat Carroll 7 Yea
Butynski, William Democrat Cheshire 1 Yea
Cahill, Michael Democrat Rockingham 17 Yea
Campbell, David Democrat Hillsborough 33 Yea
Carey, Lorrie Democrat Merrimack 26 Yea
Carson, Clyde Democrat Merrimack 7 Yea
Chandley, Shannon Democrat Hillsborough 22 Yea
Chase, Cynthia Democrat Cheshire 8 Yea
Cloutier, John Democrat Sullivan 10 Yea
Connor, Evelyn Democrat Hillsborough 2 Yea
Cooney, Mary Democrat Grafton 8 Yea
Copeland, Timothy Republican Rockingham 19 Yea
Coulombe, Gary Democrat Coos 3 Yea
Crawford, Karel Republican Carroll 4 Yea
Cushing, Robert Democrat Rockingham 21 Yea
Davis, Frank Democrat Merrimack 20 Yea
DeSimone, Debra Republican Rockingham 14 Yea
DiMartino, Lisa Democrat Belknap 2 Yea
DiSilvestro, Linda Democrat Hillsborough 9 Yea
Doolan, Ralph Republican Grafton 1 Yea
Dumaine, Dudley Republican Rockingham 4 Yea
Eaton, Daniel Democrat Cheshire 3 Yea
Ebel, Karen Democrat Merrimack 5 Yea
Elliott, Robert Republican Rockingham 8 Yea
Emerson-Brown, Rebecca Democrat Rockingham 27 Yea
Enman, Larry Democrat Coos 1 Yea
Flockhart, Eileen Democrat Rockingham 18 Yea
Ford, Susan Democrat Grafton 3 Yea
Frambach, Mary Democrat Merrimack 21 Yea
French, Barbara Democrat Merrimack 6 Yea
Gage, Ruth Democrat Hillsborough 6 Yea
Gagne, Larry Republican Hillsborough 13 Yea
Gagnon, Raymond Democrat Sullivan 5 Yea
Gale, Sylvia Democrat Hillsborough 28 Yea
Gardner, Janice Democrat Strafford 15 Yea
Gargasz, Carolyn Republican Hillsborough 27 Yea
Gidge, Kenneth Democrat Hillsborough 33 Yea
Gile, Mary Democrat Merrimack 27 Yea
Grady, Brenda Democrat Hillsborough 21 Yea
Grassie, Anne Democrat Strafford 11 Yea
Grenier, James Republican Sullivan 7 Yea
Griffin, Mary Republican Rockingham 7 Yea
Grossman, Kenneth Democrat Strafford 4 Yea
Gulick, Ruth Democrat Belknap 1 Yea
Hackel, Paul Democrat Hillsborough 29 Yea
Hammon, Marcia Democrat Coos 5 Yea
Hammond, Jill Democrat Hillsborough 24 Yea
Hansberry, Daniel Democrat Hillsborough 35 Yea
Harding, Laurie Democrat Grafton 13 Yea
Harriott-Gathright, Linda Democrat Hillsborough 36 Yea
Hatch, William Democrat Coos 6 Yea
Hayes, Jack Republican Rockingham 14 Yea
Heath, Mary Democrat Hillsborough 14 Yea
Heden, Ruth Democrat Hillsborough 23 Yea
Heffron, Frank Democrat Rockingham 18 Yea
Henle, Paul Democrat Merrimack 12 Yea
Higgins, Patricia Democrat Grafton 12 Yea
Hinch, Richard Republican Hillsborough 21 Yea
Hirsch, Geoffrey Democrat Merrimack 6 Yea
Hooper, Dorothea Democrat Strafford 16 Yea
Horrigan, Timothy Democrat Strafford 6 Yea
Hubbard, Pamela Democrat Strafford 12 Yea
Huot, David Democrat Belknap 3 Yea
Irwin, Virginia Democrat Sullivan 6 Yea
Jeudy, Jean Democrat Hillsborough 10 Yea
Johnsen, Gladys Democrat Cheshire 7 Yea
Johnson, Jane Republican Cheshire 12 Yea
Kappler, Lawrence Republican Rockingham 3 Yea
Karrick, David Democrat Merrimack 25 Yea
Knowles, Mary Ann Democrat Hillsborough 37 Yea
Kopka, Angeline Democrat Hillsborough 28 Yea
Kotowski, Frank Republican Merrimack 24 Yea
Lavender, Tom Democrat Carroll 5 Yea
Leishman, Peter Democrat Hillsborough 24 Yea
Levesque, Melanie Democrat Hillsborough 26 Yea
Long, Patrick Democrat Hillsborough 42 Yea
Lovejoy, Patricia Democrat Rockingham 36 Yea
Lovett, Sid Democrat Grafton 8 Yea
MacKay, James Democrat Merrimack 14 Yea
MacKay, Mariellen Democrat Hillsborough 30 Yea
Malloy, Dennis Democrat Strafford 4 Yea
Mangipudi, Latha Democrat Hillsborough 35 Yea
Manley, Jonathan Democrat Hillsborough 3 Yea
Mann, John Democrat Cheshire 2 Yea
Mann, Maureen Democrat Rockingham 32 Yea
Massimilla, Linda Democrat Grafton 1 Yea
McCloskey, David Democrat Hillsborough 16 Yea
McKinney, Betsy Republican Rockingham 5 Yea
Menear, H. Robert Democrat Strafford 25 Yea
Moody, Marcia Democrat Rockingham 17 Yea
Moynihan, Wayne Democrat Coos 2 Yea
Mulholland, Catherine Democrat Grafton 17 Yea
Muns, Chris Democrat Rockingham 21 Yea
Murotake, David Republican Hillsborough 32 Yea
Myler, Mel Democrat Merrimack 10 Yea
Nelson, Bill Republican Carroll 5 Yea
Nelson, Mary Democrat Hillsborough 35 Yea
Nigrello, Robert Republican Rockingham 16 Yea
Nordgren, Sharon Democrat Grafton 12 Yea
O’Brien, Michael Democrat Hillsborough 36 Yea
O’Neil, William Democrat Hillsborough 9 Yea
Oligny, Jeffrey Republican Rockingham 34 Yea
Pantelakos, Laura Democrat Rockingham 25 Yea
Parkhurst, Henry Democrat Cheshire 13 Yea
Patten, Dick Democrat Merrimack 17 Yea
Pellegrino, Tony Republican Hillsborough 21 Yea
Pelletier, Marsha Democrat Strafford 20 Yea
Perry, Robert Democrat Strafford 3 Yea
Phillips, Larry  Democrat Cheshire 5 Yea
Piper, Wendy Democrat Grafton 10 Yea
Porter, Marjorie Democrat Hillsborough 1 Yea
Priestley, Anne Republican Rockingham 8 Yea
Ramsey, Peter Democrat Hillsborough 8 Yea
Ratzki, Mario Democrat Merrimack 1 Yea
Raymond, Ian Democrat Belknap 4 Yea
Rhodes, Brian Democrat Hillsborough 30 Yea
Richardson, Gary Democrat Merrimack 10 Yea
Roberts, Kris Democrat Cheshire 4 Yea
Robertson, Timothy Democrat Cheshire 6 Yea
Rogers, Katherine Democrat Merrimack 28 Yea
Rogers, Rose Marie Democrat Strafford 22 Yea
Rosenwald, Cindy Democrat Hillsborough 30 Yea
Rowe, Robert Republican Hillsborough 22 Yea
Sad, Tara Democrat Cheshire 1 Yea
Scarlotto, Joe Democrat Rockingham 31 Yea
Schamberg, Thomas Democrat Merrimack 4 Yea
Schlachman, Donna Democrat Rockingham 18 Yea
Schmidt, Andrew Democrat Sullivan 1 Yea
Schmidt, Janice Democrat Hillsborough 28 Yea
Schmidt, Peter Democrat Strafford 19 Yea
Shattuck, Gilman Democrat Hillsborough 1 Yea
Shepardson, Marjorie Democrat Cheshire 10 Yea
Sherman, Thomas Democrat Rockingham 24 Yea
Shurtleff, Stephen Democrat Merrimack 11 Yea
Smith, Marjorie Democrat Strafford 6 Yea
Smith, Steven Republican Sullivan 11 Yea
Smith, Suzanne Democrat Grafton 8 Yea
Smith, Timothy Democrat Hillsborough 17 Yea
Soucy, Timothy Democrat Hillsborough 34 Yea
Spang, Judith Democrat Strafford 6 Yea
Spratt, Stephen Democrat Hillsborough 4 Yea
St.James, Kevin Republican Rockingham 13 Yea
Stevens, Audrey Democrat Strafford 7 Yea
Stroud, Kathleen Republican Hillsborough 21 Yea
Sullivan, Peter Democrat Hillsborough 10 Yea
Sweeney, Cynthia Democrat Sullivan 8 Yea
Sykes, George Democrat Grafton 13 Yea
Takesian, Charlene Republican Hillsborough 37 Yea
Tanner, Linda Democrat Sullivan 9 Yea
Tatro, Bruce Democrat Cheshire 15 Yea
Theberge, Robert Democrat Coos 3 Yea
Thomas, Yvonne Democrat Coos 3 Yea
Till, Mary Democrat Rockingham 6 Yea
Townsend, Charles Democrat Grafton 11 Yea
Turcotte, Alan Democrat Merrimack 22 Yea
Umberger, Karen Republican Carroll 2 Yea
Verschueren, James Democrat Strafford 13 Yea
Wall, Janet Democrat Strafford 6 Yea
Walsh, Robert Democrat Hillsborough 11 Yea
Walz, Mary Beth Democrat Merrimack 23 Yea
Ward, Gerald Democrat Rockingham 28 Yea
Ward, Kenneth Democrat Strafford 21 Yea
Watrous, Rick Democrat Merrimack 16 Yea
Wazlaw, Brian Democrat Rockingham 29 Yea
Webb, Leigh Democrat Merrimack 3 Yea
Weber, Lucy Democrat Cheshire 1 Yea
Weed, Charles Democrat Cheshire 16 Yea
White, Andrew Democrat Grafton 13 Yea
Whittemore, Lisa Democrat Rockingham 5 Yea
Williams, Kermit Democrat Hillsborough 4 Yea
Woodbury, David Democrat Hillsborough 5 Yea