Duck Gate – Evolution!

crimewatch-mcgruff-the-crime-dog-take-a-bite-out-of-crime Thomas Pappas David CampbellTwo Nashua Alderman are calling for the resignation of Nashua Police Commissioner Thomas Pappas.   Long story short…

According to a police report, Campbell had a couple of drinks at a Crowne Plaza restaurant Dec. 23 and then ran over several mallard ducks with his BMW outside the hotel. Pappas, Campbell’s friend and attorney, then picked up Campbell from the hotel. Pappas contacted the police department about two hours after the accident to ask if Campbell could come to the police station the next day.

Manchester Union Leader

Pappas did not pick up Campbell from the hotel.  Campbell went to the lobby, heard the police were on the way, ran across the hotel parking-lot and down the road, at 10pm, in freezing cold weather, (with a “a few drinks in him”) to his law office 1000 feet from the hotel, where he called Pappas; who then picked him up there–with Police just across the way at the scene.  He then sequestered (which clearly connotes something very bad) Campbell’s inebriated ass at a secret location with “no telephone.”

I’ve asked a lot of questions, but here is  a new one.  Why does a Nashua Police Commissioner hide “a long-time friend and sober Democrat state legislator” from their own police force?  Answer: “He’s not sober.”

(By the way, if you’d like more with my take on this story I have a few weeks worth of articles on the matter– mowing, no contest, fled the scene, Duck Irony, New Developments, and my interview on The Natural Truth with Michael Graham on the story as of last Thursday.

The police chief is lining up behind Pappas and Campbell, all Democrats no doubt.  The other police commissioners, Nashua has Three (we could call them the Corrupt Commissioner Gordon Trio) are not answering requests for comment, and the AG”s office is “looking into it” which is code for doing nothing–somthing the NH AG’s office is very good at.

The moral of the story?  “Don’t let Nashua Police Commissioners let drunk Democrat NH House Reps Leave the Scene, and then hide them from police.”

That probably sounds better if you read it again using the voice of McGruff the Crime Dog.

As the Union Leader reports, Governor Maggie Hassan could end the intrigue.  She appoints or replaces Police Commissioners in Nashua.  She could step in and remove him.  But then, Hassan appointed current NH AG Joe Foster, so take a guess how I think that will turn out?