Steve Mac Donald and Michael Graham Talk About DuckGate on The Natural Truth

duck-tread Duck Gate David CampbellI spent twenty minutes or so on the air with Michael Graham this afternoon to talk about the evolving DuckGate scandal involving Nashua Democrat David Campbell, as well as a few minutes on the recent NH House vote on decriminalizing marijuana.  I misspoke, once (I said new years eve when I meant Christmas eve), tripped over myself trying to ask how Commissioner Pappas could say he asked if the police wanted to talk to Campbell sooner rather than later, while simultaneously pointing out Campbell could not talk to them as he had left him in the one place you could leave a Democrat one-Percenter in Nashua (after fleeing a potential crime scene) that has no phone.

Other than that, I think it went rather well.

If you missed it, here it is.

You can listen to all of todays show or previous of previous programs at Michael